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Subject Register now for Webinar with Melissa Ohden tomorrow, reaction to Mother and Baby Home Report, Big Tech purge, events and more!👣
Date January 15, 2021 1:00 PM
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15th January 2021
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Read - Mother and Baby Home Report reveals the suffering created by dehumanisation (#mother)

Read - Big Tech Begins Purge of Pro-Life Groups on Social Media (#tech)

Read (#argentina) - So sad to see Argentina legalising abortion. When will we wake up to this global injustice towards the most vulnerable? (#argentina)

Register Now (#webinar) - for TOMORROW'S PLC Network Webinar with Special Guest Melissa Ohden (#webinar)

Register Now - Future Leaders Programme commences online on the 25th of January (#flp)

Register Now - Communications Workshop with Wendy Grace on Wednesday, 20th January (#wendy)

Mother and Baby Home Report reveals the suffering created by dehumanisation ()
This week the Final Report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes was published. At the heart of this Report lies a recognition that for most of the 20th century, tens of thousands of women and their children, both born and unborn, were treated appallingly and oftentimes subjected to shame and stigma resulting from an unplanned pregnancy.

The impact of this harsh and unjust treatment casts a dark shadow over this period and is felt by many into the present day.

New life should always be a source of celebration rather than of shame and stigma. When a society loses sight of the inherent value and dignity of every human life, born and unborn, terrible things happen.

We should never shy away from the horrors of the past. We must acknowledge what happened and learn from it to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.

The silence and secrecy that operated for the greater part of the last century has been replaced by the way Ireland’s new abortion regime has become shrouded in secrecy.

The way the media and so many politicians dismiss out of hand any discussion about what is happening under the new abortion law is reminiscent of how things were dealt with in the past when silence was the order of the day and very few people in positions of authority were prepared to ask the hard questions or challenge the prevailing views of the time.

Too often, women in Ireland with unplanned pregnancies and their unborn children, are not seen as persons, deserving of our love and the warm hands of our embrace. We continue to fail them when we present the separation of their children through abortion as an act of ‘compassion’ or as being in their best interests.

Let us learn from the terrible mistakes and injustices of the past and commit together to creating a better society where mothers and their children are truly valued, protected, and supported.
Big Tech Begins Purge of Pro-Life Groups on Social Media ()
This past week, unbeknownst to many people, Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter commenced a purge of the social media accounts of internationally respected pro-life groups and well-known supporters of the pro-life issue. In one case, ([link removed]) had 20,000 of its Twitter followers scrubbed without notice or any charge levelled that they had violated Twitter’s terms of service.

The speed with which Facebook and Twitter are deplatforming and erasing the followers of perfectly law-abiding groups and citizens is frightening and poses an existential threat to freedom of speech and democracy itself.

Facebook and Twitter are now behaving more like political activists than impartial information providers. It wasn't today or yesterday that these companies started to reveal their true colours, but with the acceleration of the clampdowns on free speech that have happened in the past week, it behoves everyone to take the threat much more seriously.

It’s high time that some checks and balances were introduced to protect freedom of speech and safeguard against politically motivated censorship and shadow-banning by the tech giants.

The pro-life movement needs to urgently join forces with other defenders of free speech to fight the social excommunication measures being imposed by Big Tech, which are clearly ideologically driven and set a terrible precedent for the future if not quickly corrected.

It is somewhat reassuring that the behaviour of Facebook and Twitter in recent days has wiped billions off their collective market value. Hopefully it’s a sign that investors and shareholders realise that the model under which these companies operate cannot survive by blatantly and unjustly trampling on the civil liberties and freedoms of a significant percentage of social media users globally.
So sad to see Argentina legalising abortion. When will we wake up to this global injustice towards the most vulnerable? ()

On the 30th of December, Argentina became the first major country in Latin America to legalise abortion with its Senate voting to allow abortion up to and through the 14th week of pregnancy.

The contentious vote passed with 38 in favor and 29 against with one abstention. The Bill was approved by Argentina’s lower house earlier in the month. Argentina is only the third country in South American to introduce abortion on demand, alongside Uruguay and Guyana.

The crowds outside the Senate building in Buenos Aires reminiscent of the crowds at Dublin Castle in May 2018 cheering and celebrating the ending of unborn children’s lives.

Earlier this year thousands ([link removed]) joined in pro-life demonstrations, in Argentina in opposition to a bill that would legalise abortion on demand. Argentines demonstrated for the protection of the unborn and support for mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

The Senate had previously defeated an abortion bill in 2018 in Argentina. The new abortion bill was titled “Regulation of access to voluntary interruption of pregnancy and post-abortion care”, and was drawn up by the ministries of Health and Women, Gender and Diversity in coordination with the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency. The bill was also fast-tracked by President Alberto Fernández who introduced the bill as part of his campaign promise with this beimg the ninth time that a bill to legalise abortion has been introduced.
For more on this story, see here ([link removed]) .
Register Now! for TOMORROW'S PLC Network Webinar with Special Guest Melissa Ohden (http://)
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Join Our PLC Network Webinar with special guest Melissa Ohden ([link removed][0]=AZUF1qHwO1i2fmlUuMEuV6V748Bjn7eberG0-UVDqCLokphKshalNE5f4xPDpsyIRtKFwCdxhOxobBsy8uab-0AwtxSq4pTPv0v88ApjmvnC6jMKeMQkVvmX88sysFoVN9Ugz1G5LG-JBw_eNoMit4zjgrWDSQJYUTwqbKMaj3DefCjcb8kQBhZJNrlBu-3KohI&__tn__=kK-R) (author and speaker), who was born alive after a failed abortion.

The Webinar will take place tomorrow, 16th January from 11am-12noon.

The Webinar will be centred around:
* Palliative care for babies who survive abortion
* Freedom of speech and social media in 2021
* Current grassroots activities and much more!

Participation is free but pre-registration is essential.

Here ([link removed]) .
Register Now! - Future Leaders Programme commences online on the 25th of January ()
Students or young adults, apply for a FREE place on the 8 week course here ([link removed])
We are delighted to let you know about an exciting opportunity for students and young people to upskill their pro-life credentials.

We are now inviting students and young people to apply for a place on our 5th Future Leaders Programme, designed specifically for the next generation of pro-life leaders.

Following four successful courses over the past year (Dublin, Galway and two online courses), the Future Leaders Programme is an intensive two-month course that will equip delegates with the competence, arguments and motivation to promote the pro-life vision in the public square.

Nearly 50 next generation pro-life leaders have completed the course already. It will impart crucial skills that will enable participants to become proactive, organised and to enhance their personal effectiveness as leaders, communicators and activists in the cause of protecting life.

The course content will be delivered by Irish and international experts, and will take place online for 8 weeks, commencing on Monday 25th January.

If you are aged between 18-30 and wish to apply to participate, please complete
this application form ([link removed]) by Wednesday 20th January and we will get back to you. There are 15 sponsored places available for suitable participants.

Register Now! - Communications Workshop with Wendy Grace on Wednesday 20th January (http://)
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Want to learn how to explain the pro-life position and answer challenging questions?

Our next online Communications Workshop takes place: Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 8.30PM and will be hosted by Wendy Grace.

The event is free but participation is limited to 20 people.

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