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It looks like 2021 just asked 2020 to hold its beer.

AAF has loudly joined the calls for accountability and justice in the face of the violent white supremacist coup attempt at the Capitol last week. But we have also been leading on sounding the alarm about the role anti-abortion extremists played in this insurgency and the threat they pose daily at clinics and in the weeks and months ahead in violent activities that continue to threaten our Democracy.

We are gonna say this again, louder for those in the back. Wherever extremists are gathered, you will find anti-abortion terrorists. We watched, we collated, and we identified who some of them were and where they were. We have had encounters with them in our travels, and they have threatened us and providers we work with.

As of this email, AAF has collected video, images, and social media posts of 15 anti-abortion extremists who participated in the siege at the Capitol on January 6th, and reported them to the FBI. 

There are some terrifying notables, including convicted clinic bomber and arsonist John Brockhoeft, who associates with many extremist groups including Army of God, Operation Save America, Missionaries to the Preborn, and Defy Tyrants:

Here is something you may not know about our work. In the five years we have been around, ​Abortion Access Front​ has been tracking the movements of anti-abortion extremists and creating an extensive database that monitors their every move. Our biggest finding is their intersections with white nationalists, anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant extremist groups, and we have been able to deliver this info to the authorities and our allies working in these issue areas. Here is just an idea of what we have in our ever growing database of who they are.

I am writing today because there is another extremist day of action happening in DC just a week after the inauguration and it is getting very little media attention. 

On January 29, Anti abortion zealots are holding their own extremist rally, called the March For Life, an annual gathering of ​hundreds of thousands ​at the National Mall. AAF strongly believes another extremist rally inciting hundreds of thousands of people with anti-abortion conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric could lead to more violence. This is a matter of national security.

AAF’s managing director and my partner in crime Kat Green is the curator of our anti-abortion extremist database, and she said it best:

“F​or quite some time, we have watched anti-abortion leadership escalate their calls to arms and encouraging their followers to reject any government that does not agree with them. It is both terrifying, and not at all surprising, that we saw many of those leaders on site at the Capitol last Wednesday, acting out exactly what they have been threatening for years."

Follow​ ​this link for screenshots and videos of anti abortion extremists we have identified as participating in the DC coup.

There are moments in time when collective inaction leads to the most horrid series of acts in history. ​Join us​ ​now to learn more about the intersections of extremism, so we can fight against it, together as a nation.

We'll be sharing more ways to take action around the March for Life in the coming days, so watch for that here and on our social media!

xx Lizz

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