From Angelic Cathey, Fight for $15 <[email protected]>
Subject My landlord sent armed men to my house
Date January 13, 2021 8:05 PM
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Fight for $15


Last week, my landlord sent a group of armed men to my house to try and illegally evict me and my three sons, because my hours were cut and I couldn't make rent.

We had to use the couch, refrigerator, and stove to barricade the door. My sons were asking me, "Are they trying to kill us, Mom?"

I shouldn't have to risk my life and my kids' lives because McDonald's pays me poverty wages. That's why I'm taking action this Friday, January 15th to demand $15/hr NOW—we've never been closer to winning.

Spread the word on Facebook: demand employers respect us, protect us, and PAY us. [[link removed]]

Corporations like McDonald's say "Black Lives Matter" while paying us poverty wages. They force families like mine to rely on food assistance while their shareholders pocket millions.

For years, politicians have turned a blind eye while employers have exploited workers like me. But in November, millions of us turned out to vote those politicians out.

Now it's time to take what we're owed. Share now to stand with me and other fast food workers going on strike to demand $15/hr and union rights for ALL >> [[link removed]]

On January 15, I'm joining other fast food workers for a Day of Action to demand $15/hr and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy of racial and economic justice.

When Dr. King was murdered, he was standing with Memphis sanitation workers striking for higher pay, racial justice, and union rights. I couldn't be more proud to continue his legacy.

$15/hr might not get us all the way to the mountaintop Dr. King spoke of as he addressed striking workers in Memphis, but it'd be a step in the direction of me leading a life where the poverty wage on my paycheck doesn't put my life in danger.

Share now and demand $15/hr for ALL >> [[link removed]]

In solidarity,

Angelic Cathey
McDonald's Worker
Memphis, TN
Fight for $15 and a Union


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