From Mike Waltz <[email protected]>
Subject "Never let a crisis go to waste"
Date January 11, 2021 12:00 AM
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"Never let a crisis go to waste" - Rahm Emmanual, Chief of Staff in 2008 to
President Barack Obama, in the wake of the great recession.

That's been the Democrat playbook for well over a decade now, starting from
the first days of Obama's Presidency back in 2008.


Fast forward to 2020, after the Covid crisis emerged from China, Hillary
Clinton told Joe Biden “This would be a terrible crisis to waste, as the old
saying goes.” Her goal? Advising Joe Biden to push for even more government
control of our healthcare. 


None of this is new. The left is just resorting back to its old playbook.


Now, just as then, in the first hours and days after one of the worst
tragedies in our nation's history, we have the dual threat of the totalitarian
left and the political censorship of their allies in Big Tech bearing down on

Totalitarianism and Cancel Culture. They are two sides to the same coin.

In the hours after the tragic attack on the US Capitol, Democrat leadership in
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer immediately moved to draw up articles of
impeachment against President Trump. 

Let me say that again. AT THE SAME TIME President Trump releases a video
calling off the violent mob to disperse and go home peacefully, the Democrats
in Congress were moving full force ahead with "Never letting THIS Crisis go to

It's a damn shame. All of it. All of this will do nothing but further tear our
country apart and embolden our enemies. 

This weekend I spoke to the media about the implications of impeaching the
President at such a volatile time as we peacefully transition to another
administration. It has to stop.
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Meanwhile the leftist media and their allies in Big Tech are working overtime


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Apple. All of them are working to
deactivate President Trump and cancel his supporters. 


All at the same time some of these platforms like twitter allow for murderous
dictators and human rights abusers such as the Supreme Leader of Iran and The
Dictator of Venezuela to run free on their website.  
Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Because NONE OF THIS is about the tragic
events that occurred at the capitol this week. It's about silencing ideas and
people they don't accept when a crisis presents itself. 

I can promise you this. As we move forward into 2021, I will fight for you. 


Make no mistake, with Democrats in Control of our Government, it will be an
uphill fight. But their agenda is clear. That's why I need your continued
support and your energy.

Together, we will overcome these tragedies and defeat the left's misguided
socialist ideas and totalitarian actions.


In Service,


Mike Waltz


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