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Subject Stop All The Violence | With Freedom Comes Responsibility — Not Nihilism | Bipartisan Baloney
Date January 9, 2021 6:21 PM
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The violence at the Capitol was horrible, and we have to condemn it – and every person who engaged in it

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WHAT NEWT'S THINKING Stop All the Violence [[link removed]]

By Newt Gingrich

Americans should be committed to stopping all the violence.

As a former Speaker of the US House of Representatives and 20-year veteran of serving in that body, let me begin by condemning unequivocally and vehemently every person who illegally entered the Capitol. The trespassers and invaders should be tried and punished. Those who confronted the police should be charged with felonies.

There is no room in America for the kind of mob violence we saw on Wednesday. It is clear that there are 74 million-plus voters for President Donald Trump – and thousands of strong supporters who peacefully protested yesterday. They should not be tarred with the stain of the anti-American, unpatriotic minority who broke the law and assaulted the Capitol.

We have every right to condemn the violent minority while protecting the First Amendment rights of the vast majority.

Wednesday's violence in the Capitol was horrible, and we have to condemn it – and every person who engaged in it. It was an assault on the basic framework of law which is at the heart of the American Constitutional Republic.

However, we must go a step further and make a firm commitment to stop all the violence.

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The 117th Congress was sworn in on Jan. 3. They have already changed House rules, including passing a new code of conduct which changes gender pronouns. With the attack on the Capitol this week and the pledge Wednesday night for bipartisanship among members. Newt speculates whether President-Elect Joe Biden will encourage bipartisanship or support bipartisan baloney.

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Introducing the newest voice of the Gingrich 360 network, David Grasso. He is using his influential voice to help Millennials and Gen Z understand what’s going on in the economy and how it affects their personal finances. His new podcast, Follow the Profit with David Grasso features interviews with successful entrepreneurs. Follow the Profit releases new episodes every Saturday.

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CJ Pearson marched from the White House to the Capitol on Jan. 6 to protest peacefully and left when things got violent. On this episode, CJ recounts his experience and debunks the myriad of lies that the media and the left have been telling about what happened — while unequivocally condemning the violence that occurred. CJ also explains the absurd reason why one of his “progressive” classmates is circulating a petition to expel him from the University of Alabama. Plus, he tells us why we can’t lose hope — and why the fight for America’s future is far from over.

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David Grasso talks to Brad Kent, the co-founder of Blaze Pizza. He describes his path from chef to food scientist to entrepreneur with a focus on the pizza industry. Follow The Profit also looks at the legacy of one internet billionaire who changed the way of e-commerce.

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By Aaron Kliegman

The storming of the Capitol on Wednesday was a national disgrace, but it’s been mischaracterized by much of the media and political elite.

America did not experience a failed coup, even though several pundits, journalists, and politicians have described the assault as one.

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Newt gives his thoughts on the Georgia Senate Runoff results and what Democratic control will mean for the future of the United States: “If you look at the Obama-Biden track record, this could be 10-year recovery, and that process would devastate the Democratic party.”

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