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A New Brexit Horizon

January 8th, 2021
Dear Friends and Supporters

First of all, my team and I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I am pleased to finally say - for the first time in over 40 years - we are now OUT of European Union. Like me, I’m sure many of you are looking forward to the freedom to celebrate this success after our current lockdown due to COVID-19 is finally lifted.  
It has now been over a week since MPs were urgently recalled to Parliament to rush through the vote on the brand-new UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Time was of the essence to get the new Trade Deal passed through Parliament before the Transition Period ended at 11pm on December 31st, with the tolling of Big Ben.

With this being our first e-Bulletin since the Deal was signed, I wanted to give you a short breakdown of my thoughts, and you can read a more detailed breakdown in the links at the end of is e-Bulletin.

  • No continued jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Great Britain.
  • The entire Agreement is based on International Law and NOT European Law
  • No acceptance of the EU’s heavily regulated Level Playing Field.
  • All Governance of the Agreement is done by an independent arbitration panel.
  • Tariff-free access for goods will continue.
  • The Agreement ends the European Arrest Warrant – whilst still providing UK access to international criminal databases.
  • It also ends the disproportionately expensive Erasmus scheme in the UK which deprived UK universities of funding. (The Prime Minister has promised this will be replaced with a UK only global scheme to be called the Turing Programme).
  • The UK has left all EU military missions and programmes – with the small exception of the Horizon programme, which is a mutual research organisation. 
  • Travel across the EU will still be allowed - after the suspension of COVID-19 restrictions.
Losses and Concerns – Some more detail because I know this is what you all want to know.
  • £22 Billion still has to be paid to the EU as part of the so-called Divorce Bill – this money will be paid over a number of years until around 2060. There has been no comment on his from No 10! This money will even contain 10 billion to pay for the pensions of EU officials including Michel Barnier, Jean Claude Juncker and former commissioners like Lord Peter Mandelson. The ‘Gravy Train’ really does never stop!
  • Northern Ireland remains under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and will be forced to follow EU rules. This clearly and deliberately separates Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • Our fishing waters are still compromised – with a five-and-a-half-year Transition Period created and full renegotiation scheduled for the end of this time. What is of great concern is the fact this renegotiation is tied to the trade deal as a whole, therefore if the UK does not hand over an acceptable level of access to our waters the EU can implement compensatory tariffs on UK Goods - or in extreme scenarios, they could terminate the entire Trade Agreement.
  • Many fishing disputes are still left unresolved. The EU is currently rejecting a wide variety of UK-caught fish and shellfish if they do not have the right certificates. This is ridiculous, as French vessels are catching the same products right next to UK vessels, so this is a deliberate frustration, particularly by the French. It appears even fish need passports now!
  • Financial Services are excluded from the Agreement completely. This means the UK’s biggest export to the EU has to rely on ‘equivalence’ rulings to continue to work. The EU can withdraw ‘equivalence’ by giving only 30 days’ notice. It is ridiculous this trade deal helps the EU’s biggest export to the UK – goods, but leaves the UK’s biggest industries in doubt.
  • There is potential for a lack of agreement over Financial Services to result in the UK sticking too closely to the EU and becoming a ‘rule-taker’. This is something even the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has said must not happen, urging the Government to ensure the UK is free to ‘break away from Brussels’.
  • This Agreement creates huge swathes of new bureaucracy, including 19 joint EU/UK separate sub-committees which have the power to make binding decisions on both the UK and the EU. Decisions must be unanimous, but they are legally binding and require NO VOTES in Parliament. Hardly Sovereign decision making!
  • The UK is still able to sign up to EU programmes if it wishes to, potentially opening the door to ‘Remain’ ministers and civil servants selling UK Sovereignty down the river over the next few years – all without any votes in Parliament.  This could get even worse if the next General Election result returns a ‘Remain’ Government.
  • The new Agreement restricts the UK from offering shipbuilding contracts to only UK companies - meaning we will still be unable to kickstart the UK economy by giving our full support to a ‘Build British’ campaign.
  • There are multiple 4-year renegotiation periods in the Deal which pose a threat of the entire Agreement being torn up and replaced by a potential new ‘Remain’ Government which could take power in 4 years’ time, after the next General Election.
Clearly, the EU had this possibility in mind when it agreed to this Trade Deal, hoping they can get rid of Boris and sign a new Deal with any new Prime Minister!

As you can see from this lengthy list of losses and concerns, the Brexit fight is by no means over. This is why Get Britain Out will continue our campaign for as long as possible, and why we will not just be shutting up shop like many other Brexit campaigns. We think these threats to a Real Brexit are far too significant to be ignored and pressure must be maintained on the Prime Minister, the Government and our MPs.
Get Britain Out will carry on with our fight for a Real Brexit for as long as we can with our limited funding, so we still need donations if you want us to keep going. I am convinced we will still be able to ‘fight’ with the EU to get what we still need – even after this Trade Agreement – AS THE FIGHT FOR A REAL DEAL AS WE HAVE DESCRIBED ABOVE IS NOT OVER YET.

We really do appreciate the donations we have received from so many of you in these difficult times, but donations are becoming less and less – and many are being cancelled. The only way we can continue to keep up the pressure on our Government is if I have the money to pay for my staff and our very small office.

You may have noticed, the ‘Remain’ campaign has re-emerged- along with their endless funds - and even though the messages from the likes of Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair may be dismissed as no longer relevant, they have billions to spend on anyone who will listen to their efforts to drag us back into the EU – and now even to force us into accepting the Euro!

We Must NOT ‘Take Back Control’ only to HAND IT BACK to self-interested big business.

I do understand not everyone can afford to donate, particularly in these very stressful times, but if you can afford to help, we must keep up the pressure on the Government, or we really might end up back in the EU or a Brexit In Name Only!

Now we have experienced our first week outside the European Union, a lot of ‘Project Fear’ advocates have been forced to twiddle their thumbs as they have waited for Border chaos to erupt this week. None have arisen so far, but we are now hearing of French threats of possible problems at the Border next week. However, as everyone adjusts to the new rules and requirements for new paperwork after 40 years of old practices coming to an end, hopefully any problems will be minimal and short-lived.  The UK has taken a pragmatic approach to these delays by implementing changes to our Border Operating Model over the course of the next 6 months, which will give time for businesses to adjust. The EU have deliberately chosen not to do this. Once again, this demonstrates this has never been about mutual benefit, but is only about scoring political points. Now the Government must do all they can to support UK exporters and make even more clear all of the information needed to cross through the Border.

As usual, some in the media have enjoyed claims of Brexit causing havoc for UK consumers over a dispute between companies and the UK over VAT payments. When we were part of the EU, VAT was paid at the point of import. Now the UK has changed this so VAT must be paid at the point of sale (meaning some additional paperwork), but it will actually mean less avoidance of paying the correct amount of VAT, raising an additional £300 million a year. It also means the UK will treat all companies the same - whether they are in the EU or not. So far, a limited number of EU companies have complained about this and have said they will no longer export to the UK. Quite frankly, if a company is refusing to export to the UK because they don’t want to pay tax here, I say ‘Good Riddance’.

This week has also seen the first English Channel crossings by illegal immigrants this year - something which must come to an end. It is time for Home Secretary Priti Patel to put her foot down with the French and end this criminal activity once and for all. We have been paying millions of pounds to help the French deal with this problem, but it clearly seems to have had no effect. Now we are OUT of the EU - and all the regulations over Freedom of Movement which Membership carried with it have ended - as soon as these boats are intercepted, they must be turned around and returned to France, instead of French vessels guiding these boats into our waters to rescue and process. Our next target should be those at the head of these gangs taking advantage of those migrants already in France, organised crime is a scourge on the modern world and we this needs to be stopped. 

Away from our relationship with the European Union, trade negotiations with countries around the world have continued throughout the holiday period, with a trade deal now signed with Turkey. Huge steps have also been taken in trade negotiations with Australia with a deal likely in the coming weeks. As always, you can see a full list of all the trade agreements the UK has signed so far HERE.

If only to solidify our concerns about Brexit still being at risk for years to come, news has emerged of Labour MP Rosie Duffield saying the vast majority of Labour MPs are in favour of Re-joining the EU and that she is in Westminster to serve ‘The Liberal Elite’. Even if this last part was meant as a joke, it demonstrates the mentality of the current Labour Party, a mentality which will only grow the longer Sir Keir Starmer is in charge. If Labour is in power after the next General Election, we will find ourselves back in the EU – and possibly forced into accepting the Euro as our currency - and the last 40 years of fighting to Leave will have been for nothing!

IMPORTANT STORIES YOU MAY LIKE TO SEE: That’s it for this e-Bulletin, our first outside the European Union - however, you can be sure it will not be our last.

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director - and the Team at Get Britain Out.

P.S. Thank you for your ongoing support, which is very much appreciated. Please don’t forget, we still need your help with donations. There is lots more to do to continue to hold the Government’s feet to the fire to get the rest of what we need to achieve a Real Brexit. Many people have already cancelled donations, which I understand, but now more than ever, every penny counts if we are to continue our work. 

Donations can be made via bank transfer, bank standing order, cheque or PayPal – all the details are HERE. Re bank transfers – some banks have fraud contingencies in place – so please just make sure the account number and sort code are correct so your transfer goes through correctly.
PLEASE NOTE: Cheques should be payable to The EU Referendum Campaign Limited and not Get Britain Out. Unfortunately, our bank cannot accept Post Office postal orders or credit card donations (unless via PayPal) – or foreign currency cheques. 

Your contributions are very much appreciated. If you would like an acknowledgement, please can you let me have your e-mail address or write it on the back of your cheque please. 
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Best wishes and again, we want to wish you a Happier and safe New Year,
Jayne and the team
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