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Subject [New post] ‘Even While It Was Happening, It Wasn’t Happening’ + ‘Lest We Forget: Life is not Non-Death’
Date January 2, 2021 3:28 PM
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Post : &#8216;Even While It Was Happening, It Wasn’t Happening&#8217; + &#8216;Lest We Forget: Life is not Non-Death&#8217;
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Posted : January 2, 2021 at 3:27 pm
Author : William
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Lest We Forget: Life is not Non-Death
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by Sinead Murphy

But there was a worst of all. In October in Milton Keynes. Two brothers moved to the side of their grieving mother, putting their arms around her shoulders as she sat before the box containing their dead father’s remains, only to be reminded by an official from the crematorium that they were not permitted to be within six feet of their mother during the ceremony – as if she had been lowered into the grave as their father was being raised onto the pyre.

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Even While It Was Happening, It Wasn’t Happening
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Was there really such a year as 2020?
Michael Lesher
You know how it goes: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, et cetera…?

Suppose an entire society goes to smithereens, while our media elites stubbornly refuse to notice. What then?

Suppose the reporters and the pundits and the “experts” ignore the coup that has trampled our basic freedoms since last March.

Suppose they all assure us that defending democracy is “anti-science,” and preach to us that civil rights (except for Black Lives Matter protests) are nothing but a “death cult.” ( [link removed] )

Suppose, after an “election” conducted mainly in the press, on the basis of a torrent of worthless propaganda, a notorious corporate whore ( [link removed] )  is about to be installed in the White House as carnival-barker-in-chief ( [link removed] )  for scantily-tested vaccines – drugs being peddled by a gang of profiteers who wouldn’t even make the stuff until they were promised complete legal immunity for whatever they do to their victims ( [link removed] ) .

Well? Does the murder of our liberties even make a sound?

Was there really such a year as 2020?

In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech ( [link removed] )  in 2005, the playwright Harold Pinter had this to say about every atrocity concealed by the Western press:

> It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest.

And so much never happened this past year!

Four-fifths of the United States of America suspended democracy and declared the Bill of Rights obsolete. The United Kingdom unleashed ( [link removed] )  a new sort of “police” – faces masked, truncheons in their paws – to maul peaceful protesters for the crime of breathing. In parts of Australia, it became a criminal offense ( [link removed] )  to tell other people the time and place of a political demonstration. Germany outlawed political protest ( [link removed] ) .

But none of that happened. It wasn’t reported in the mainstream press. It was of no interest.

In just over nine months, economies in once-wealthy countries were reduced to ruin. Social media reeled under systematic thought-policing ( [link removed] ) . Following a wave of “executive orders” that shuttered small businesses across the United States, an unprecedented number of Americans began to steal food ( [link removed] )  to survive. In the U.K., UNICEF is distributing food to hungry children ( [link removed] )  for the first time in more than 70 years. Around the world, people in need still can’t get medical treatment ( [link removed] ) . Cultural institutions have been shattered. The performing arts have been banned. Singing ( [link removed] )  was deemed a public health risk.

It didn’t matter.

This year, for the first time in history, more than 40 governors in the U.S. awarded themselves quasi-dictatorial powers – on the strength of laws hastily designed less than 20 years ago for massive bioterrorism ( [link removed] )  attacks, pressed into service ( [link removed] )  to counter a medical “emergency” that was never an emergency. By the end of 2020, most of the American population was still living under dictatorial rule.

That was of no interest.

Huge numbers of people, in Europe as in America, were placed (without a court order) under virtual house arrest. This was called a protective measure – and it was reported as such, though the practice violated civil-rights rulings going back nearly a century ( [link removed] ) . Tens of millions of people saw their livelihoods snatched from them by officials they never even had the opportunity to confront.

Yes, a handful of states that did not imprison their populations or wreck their economies claimed to have medical results as good as – if not better than – neighboring states that did both. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson went so far as to assert all this on May 5 in the editorial pages of the Washington Post, a main purveyor of coronavirus propaganda. But those claims were never investigated in the mainstream press. They didn’t matter.

Now the mega-corporations that supported the “lockdowns” are sucking the life out of the small-business economy that was once the mainstay of the free world. For restaurants, the picture is so bleak that chef and author Edward Lee ( [link removed] )  calls it “the end of the independent restaurant era,” and warns that…

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