From ACT For America <[email protected]>
Subject Do the Right Thing, Mike Pence!
Date January 2, 2021 10:13 AM
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Dear John,

On Wednesday, January 6th, the Vice President will preside over a joint
session of Congress to review the election results. That's when he and
Members of Congress will have the opportunity to uphold their Oath of
Office by rejecting every fraud-based elector. But they may not do so
unless they hear from all of us!

They need to hear a loud roar from patriotic Americans to ensure they
uphold the constitution of the United States and do the right thing.
America was founded on honor - courage and Truth.


Our founding fathers worked tirelessly to give us the great country we have
today. They put everything on the line and many of them died broke fighting
to create the most exceptional nation on earth called America. The least we
can do is preserve it for the next generation.

Our elected officials need a reminder of why they are in Congress and who
they serve. Please make your voice loud and clear and share this message
with everyone you know.

Please click the Take Action Now button and join us in telling Washington
we will never forget what they do on Wednesday and that we want them to DO

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Thank you!

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