From Brigitte Gabriel <[email protected]>
Subject FW "Our Battle Has Just Begun"
Date December 30, 2020 10:26 AM
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Dear John,

I wanted to make sure you saw this critically important email I sent
yesterday. 2021 is going to be a battle for the ages and I need you
standing by my side.

Always Devoted,

There’s a war going on for the future of this nation and 2021 is going to
be a battle for the ages.

Just like it often is in sports, it's going to come down to who wants it

The radical left is doing everything they can to silence our voice and stop
us from educating the masses about the true nature of radical Islamic
terrorism, socialism and open borders.

And our battle is just getting started…

The radical left has a monopoly on cable news, late-night TV, pop culture,
and now, even tech companies like Paypal, Google, Facebook, and Twitter and
the list goes on.

There’s almost no place left to hide from their anti-American propaganda!

Not only do these radicals flood our airwaves with lies, but now they have
a goon squad named ANTIFA to flood our streets with blood and violence.


Worst of all, organizations like Black Lives Matter, the HAMAS front group
CAIR and their leftist enablers at the SPLC are more flush with cash than
ever before!

Massive Corporations such as Apple, JPMorgan Chase, MGM Resorts, Amazon,
Pepsi and clueless celebrities donate millions to the SPLC and BLM on a
regular basis!

This allows them to unleash a tsunami of attacks against anyone that
doesn’t conform to their anti-American ideology.

For every tweet for truth we post on social media, they fund thousands in
attack ads against us.

For every dollar we spend to make America safer, they spend hundreds to
make it more vulnerable.

A donation of just $250 will help us reach 2.3 million people on
Television. [6]

A gift of just $100 will help us reach 1.6 million people through national
radio. [6]

A $50 donation will help us to fight back against CAIR’s attacks and
deception through a 24-hour supercharged social media campaign. [6]

Even $10 or $25 adds to our critically necessary National Field Program,
which is the lifeline of ACT for America! [6]

Any amount you can contribute keeps our grassroots machine going!

The battle for the minds of young Americans is one in which our enemies are
hellbent on winning.

A generation that grew up not remembering the events of September 11th,

A generation that only sees what the anti-American and anti-Israel zealots
allow them to.

A generation that needs our help to save them from brainwash.

ACT for America has the numbers and the willpower to win this war for
truth, but we need an extra boost to level the playing field.

Help us win this fight by clicking here now. [6]

Together, we’re going to save our country from those who seek to destroy

Thank you for your patriotic generosity.


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