From Minnesota Family Council <[email protected]>
Subject It's Finally Christmas - Rejoice, the Savior of the World Has Come!
Date December 25, 2020 2:01 PM
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Minnesota Family Council


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Dear John,

Has it seemed to you that Christmas would never come this year? It
certainly has to me. I think we can all agree that it's been a long
year, and I've looked forward to the celebration of Jesus's birth even
more than I usually do. What a different event Christmas is from the
litany of bad news we see on TV and the online news sites!

I think that's one of the good lessons we can learn from a tough year:
that Christ's love is sweetest when the world around us appears
darkest; that His humble birth in a manger, and the salvation of the
world that was heralded in Bethlehem, is all the more significant when
we consider the disease and discord that have troubled us this year.

Jesus never truly be our savior until we realize that we need saving.
We need salvation from our own sin, from disease and death, from the
power of the Devil, from a fractured nation. This is what the Lord
Jesus offers to us through the mighty work He began in Bethlehem, and
completed at Calvary. When we accept that, then Christ's work is truly
for us. Nothing can take it away from us! We can do all things if
Christ is the one who gives us strength!

I hope that your faith will be touched by this Christmas resilience: a
sense that, since Jesus has come, and because He holds us in His hand,
that we need not fear any worldly thing. Indeed, we can all our trials
even with joy, since His birth, death, and resurrection have brought
us out of darkness into light.

This Christmas, let Jesus's perfect love drive out all fear of worldly
things. Neither a pandemic, nor unrest, nor election fraud, nor even
death itself, can diminish the certainty of joy and eternal hope we
have in Christ. When everything else in our life seems unstable, I
hope and pray that we hold even tighter to this Gospel truth.

Blessings to you and your family in the name of Immanuel, God with us.
May you be filled with joy and faith as the light of Christ shines
into a darkened world.


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John Helmberger, CEO

Minnesota Family Council 



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