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Subject Year End Message
Date December 25, 2020 12:51 AM
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Simcoe North PPC Association

[link removed] Message, 2020As we approach the end of 2020 let’s think about of the positive vision that the PPC offers.The PPC is working to build a Canada where there is a place for all persons of good will and character.Freedom of speech, when coupled with personal responsibility, fairness, and respect, is the best way to build athriving society and it doesn’t harm anybody, except those who wish us harm.A strong, free, responsible, morally confident, and prosperous Canada can thrive and do good without takinglectures from anybody, especially entities from outside our borders. We believe in the “free world” and willdefend it in word and deed. Canada is strong enough to stand up to bullies and has the compassion to helpthose in need. We can choose to coordinate with other countries where that makes sense, or go it alone,when that is the better path. It is our choice.The PPC knows that government cannot be the default answer for every problem. Our civilization and societywill never prosper if we are just a bunch of squabbling tribes trying to harness the 900 lb gorilla of state tobeat up those we do not like.One-size-fits-all solutions from the top-down rarely work better than locally adapted solutions shared upward.A federal PPC government would stay in its lane and follow our constitution. We’d let the provinces take careof provincial business, and first nations take care of first nations. We will avoid being the tax collector orregulator for other governments and will concentrate on enabling Canada to prosper and create wealth andshare their values, rather than redistributing wealth or imposing specific sets of values.Voluntarism, (and volunteerism) is the best and most fair way to organize a society and is also the best way torun a political party. It is the secret of both our past and future prosperity and harmony, but it takes work andcommitment. Look at history, and you can see how Canadians have found meaning through the willingovercoming of adversity through hard work.The PPC would provide a government free of elite influence, whether from outside, or inside Canada.  Therewould be no capture of government by any non-voting interests such as big corporations, big labour, bigmedia, technocrats, public servants, globalists, or identity groups.Because we focus on the individual, we would not divide ourselves up as Anglophones, Francophones,Aboriginals, and so on.  We can find common goals to all work towards, as voting and civically engagedCanadians.  That is what populism ought to be. There are over 37 million different ways to lead a goodCanadian life. It is not the job of government to tell you how to lead that life. It is, however, your job to tell ushow to run a government.A PPC government would be a referee, not a player. We will let all democratic voices have their say, includingother political parties or groups that we may not agree with.  We will learn about the full diversity of ideas,from those who genuinely believe in those ideas, not just those who criticize them. We will be willing to letour own ideas evolve, and can borrow from others, in the spirit of open-mindedness and tolerance. We arenot completely conservatives, and we are not radicals. There are many good things from our past that areworth keeping, and there are some that must be discarded or improved upon.The PPC is a way to get off the less and less meaningful left-right pendulum. We are new, so there is no hiddenclique or establishment hiding behind us expecting favours. We are a party that wants to build a better future,using the best of historically proven old ideas, and good new ideas steered by our simple and timeless basicprinciples, including a commitment to always hear the voices of all the people of Canada.Best wishes for peace, prosperity and confidence. Glowing hearts in a strong and free Canada!Stephen T. Makk <[link removed]>


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