From Jackie Hansen, Amnesty International Canada <[email protected]>
Subject Your donation means freedom
Date December 18, 2020 3:32 PM
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Dear John,

Have you heard of Narges Mohammadi before?

In 2015, after years of harassment by Iranian authorities, Narges was sentenced
to 16 years in prison for her campaigning in support of women's rights and
against the death penalty. It was, in sum, a nightmare.

Held in Tehran's notorious Evin prison, authorities inflicted cruel and unusual
punishments on Narges. They denied her all contact with her children; they refused her medical
treatment for a dangerous blood clot in her lungs; and in June, when she had
COVID-19-like symptoms, they refused her adequate care.

Narges' ill treatment reflects Iran's intensified repression of women's rights
activists. But what seemed like an impossibility finally happened in October:
Narges was freed.

Her release is thanks to you and the millions of supporters who never gave up on
her. Fearless people who put their voice, their time, and their money on the line to
support her call for freedom.
Because no government is beyond scrutiny; no situation is beyond hope.

But Narges isn't the only person jailed for speaking out. Hundreds of other
people still need your support.

Will you donate now so we can continue to speak out in solidarity with women
human rights defenders who remain in prison?

Donate now: [link removed]

Your donations make sure we can have researchers on the ground when crises
arise. They allow us to monitor deteriorating situations and hold governments
accountable. They directly fund programs to support prisoners of conscience,
like Write for Rights, that enabled thousands of people like you to pressure
Iranian leaders to release Narges and bring an end to her ordeal.

But there are hundreds of women human rights defenders still imprisoned,
counting on continued global pressure and solidarity for their release. Like
Atena Daemi, sentenced to 7 years in prison after a 15-minute trial for her advocacy
against the death penalty. And Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer who was sentenced to 33
years in prison and 148 lashes for her work challenging laws on forced wearing of
the hijab (veil). Recently, on December 2, Nasrin was cruelly ordered back to prison
after a short temporary release due to her poor health, including suffering from

Click here to donate now - so we can keep working around the clock to secure the
freedom of prisoners of conscience around the world.

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For nearly 60 years, we've faced what has felt like insurmountable challenges -
repressive regimes, torture, and the indefinite detention of children. Our work
continues to shine a light into the darkest depths of the human experience, so we
can expose abuse, speak out for justice, and defend the rights and freedoms of
people across the world.

Together, we've been there - for decades. And we'll continue to be there because
human rights and dignity for all are beliefs that run deep in our core.

Every dollar you donate right now will help create a better, more just world
well into 2021.

Please click here to give:
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Jackie Hansen (she/her)
Gender Rights Campaigner
Amnesty International in Canada

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