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Subject Weekly Update | Validate the Vote GA | 12.13.20
Date December 14, 2020 12:26 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
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Friends -

This is a long update, but there's a lot to report, both from the
front lines of True the Vote and from me to you, personally, as fellow

If you're on this email list, it's because you're concerned about
election integrity - and you're right to be. We've talked for years
about the need for reform and greater citizen engagement, lest we reach
a tipping point that would take our country to a place of unbridled
chaos. That tipping point occurred in 2020. You are right to be
concerned. We are now in new, uncharted terrain. The question is what
comes next.  

For the past two weeks, I've been in Georgia with a small team from
True the Vote, working on specific, tangible ways to help ensure
transparency and accuracy in the critical run-off elections that will
determine the balance of power in the Senate. We've met with voters
and state leaders, leading ultimately to a request from the Georgia
Republican Party to provide publicly available nonpartisan signature
verification training, a 24x7 voter hotline, ballot-curing support, and

Our focus on Georgia does not mean, in any way, that we condone or
concede what happened on November 3rd. The patterns in voter turnout and
supporting data exhibit anomalies pointing to the subversion of select
races, specifically in the contest for the presidency. That is a true

True the Vote is still supporting efforts to uncover General Election
fraud. We have provided many whistleblowers, testimonies, and affidavits
to Sidney Powell and have provided data and support to all camps
including Powell, Giuliani, and The Amistead Project. True the Vote's
own lawsuits in WI, MI, GA, and PA, were dismissed on November 13th
after an excruciating series of events that will one day be known, but
now is not the time to air. Bottom line, we will help anyone we can.

**Many of you have contacted us asking how you can help. We know your
hearts and we share in your desire to take action.  For more specific
information on how to help in Georgia and beyond, you can skip down to
the paragraph titled**

**Georgia and Ground Up.**

**Many more have asked why we are not actively fundraising right now.
For that information, you can skip down to**

**Funding Needs**

**.**But before I get to that, I'd like to share a personal story of
what happened this weekend.


I'm writing this while on a plane packed full of patriots going home
from Saturday's rallies in Washington, DC. On December 12th, thousands
of Americans joined together, in DC and across the country, to pray for
our nation. It was an incredible experience. My son went with me. When I
started True the Vote he was 12 years old, now he's 22. He's grown
up in the movement and is now a strong patriot. I wanted him to
experience the Jericho March, but I also
wanted him to see what used to be Lafayette Square and is now Black
Lives Matter Plaza. I wanted him to see what has become of our
nation's capital.

You couldn't get into BLM plaza. The entire area was cordoned off all
day by police. I spoke to one of the officers who said they were there
"to keep people out of the danger zone". Understand, this an area
comprising several blocks inside the beltway, including the Hays-Adams
hotel, the historic St. John's Church, the park, and many, many
businesses, most of which have been abandoned.  Boarded up and
graffitied over.
The day was amazing, full of prayer, patriotism, and positive-vibes.
People are committed to this battle. And that's what we need because
restoring election integrity will be neither quick nor easy. I saw old
friends like Ed Martin

****and Ali Alexander

and met new ones like Owen Shroyer . It was
amazing to see a program featuring speakers, from Robert Weinger,
who opened the program, having flown from
Israel after receiving rabbinical permission to blow the shofar on
Sabbath, to Alex Jones, who took to the
stage in unity for our beloved America.

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Everyone was in one accord. Our freedom is in peril. Extraordinary
action must be taken to preserve it.

Later that night, things got much worse, with rioting, fighting,
stabbings, and shots fired. We had long since left, but watched clips on
social media, recognizing the streets where we'd just been.  

Friends, my sense is this is just the beginning. Now is the time to
brush up on why you believe what you believe, why freedom matters, and
what you are willing to do to preserve it. I pray I am wrong, but I
don't think so. We've been through so much, been pushed so far.
Saying "we'll get it right next time" isn't enough. Things have to


We are actively working in Georgia to defend election integrity. 
Specifically, we are using our research of the voter rolls to help
prevent illegal votes from being cast. I'll report more on this in the
week ahead.

We are also:

* pressing the Secretary of State for answers about the Emergency Rules
to be used in the upcoming election. (Note: to date, pressing has meant
filling for open records, but legal action may be necessary. A lawsuit
has been filed by the GA Republican Party that will help determine what
access will be made available. We are prepared to take swift legal
action if required)

* supporting Georgia voters with a Georgia Voter Election Integrity

* supporting Georgia election workers with Signature Verification

* working to gain access to ballot drop-box security camera feeds in
order to livestream in the interest of transparency

* working to assist Georgia voters in curing ballot discrepancies

* leading webinars and FAQ sessions for government leaders in support of
their constituents who are understandably angry about what happened in

Many of you want to come to Georgia to help. Thank you for your
commitment to serve! Georgia election laws allow only residents of
Georgia to serve in elections. We may well need your help online, in
voter outreach, but until we know more we don't want to enlist anyone
outside of Georgia.

**If you live in Georgia and are willing to help True the Vote in your

**please sign up here.**
If you don't live in Georgia, please keep watch for email updates, as
we will likely have a call to action for online support within the
coming two weeks.  

The Georgia election is January 5th. The Presidential Inauguration will
be January 20th. Those are two major milestone days. Between now and
then, we will be noses down.  

Election integrity work is a very granular and exacting process. It
doesn't lend itself to a whole lot of headlines. But we will be making
many in the coming days. Stay tuned.

True the Vote is not letting off the gas in 2021. Our new project
"Ground Up" will support the recruiting, training, and mobilizing of
local election-integrity groups across the country. Yes, national
reforms are needed, but I believe the best way to defend against
increased federal subversion is through informing and empowering each
other locally to protect elections in our own states and hometowns. More
to come on that, but rest assured it is coming.  


Inboxes are overflowing with requests for donations from other
organizations to stop election fraud. I can't speak to what they are
doing with those dollars. We had a large donation given to us after the
election, which we believed would allow us to avoid having to send
constant fundraising emails for the activities described above and the
support of a whistleblower fund. I thought it was an answer to prayer.
Shortly after the donation was made, I was asked by consultants
affiliated with the donor to transfer money to them. I said no and a few
days later we were sued. What's more, the consultants put together a
huge smear campaign that they released to the mainstream press on
Thanksgiving Day.


After ten years in this fight, being targeted by the Obama
Administration, suing and beating the IRS, and taking hits from all
sides, this is just one more chapter in exposing the swamp.  

But, we do need your help.

******If you can donate to help support our work, please do. Your
donation will be used to fund the work in Georgia, but also to begin the
work on Ground Up ...which is the answer to "what comes next". We have
gone from a staff of two to a staff of twelve; including talented
investigators, analysts, trainers, attorneys, and writers. True the Vote
was conceived for such a time as this and our best days are ahead**


I know it has been a tough few weeks. It will get tougher still.  

We are in this together. The only way out is to get busy.

It's up to us to fix this - you, me, and anyone who loves America.
Working together, we can and will, true the vote.

Onward -

Catherine Engelbrecht

True the Vote, Founder




**True the Vote is a nonpartisan organization recognized under section
501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax ID # 27-2860095.
Contributions or gifts to True the Vote are tax-deductible as charitable
contributions for federal income tax purposes to the fullest extent
permitted by law.**

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