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It has been a hectic few weeks in Westminster and for the Prime Minister. The ‘Remain Establishment’ has gone Nuclear with chaos on the Labour Party’s led by Jeremy Corbyn and Tory Remainer Rebels – all refusing to back a General Election they have been begging for for months, and instead passing legislation to force the PM into requesting a BREXIT extension if he can't get a Deal by October 19th 2019.


However, this is only the half of it. The Liberal Democrat Party has now elected Jo Swinson as their new Leader, replacing Sir Vince Cable. This has now lead to their deciding to drop all pretext of Democracy by pledging to revoke Article 50 immediately – and without a 2nd Referendum - should they win their dream of a majority at the next General Election. They should be considering a name change, as – with Jo Swinson as their Leader, the Liberal Democrats clearly do not understand what it means to be a Democrat.


Despite Remainer MPs’ complaints, Boris Johnson has now Prorogued Parliament from September 9th until October 14th. Much of which would have been required for the Party Conference Season and includes the days necessary for the introduction of the long overdue Queen’s Speech. Overall this amounts to 7 days of Parliamentary time missed. So, in all, a mountain has been made out of a small molehill!


This Proroguing of Parliament has been playing out - at huge expense - in the Supreme Court this week. The reviled Remainer, Gina Miller, and others including the former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, lodged Court actions against the decision. It is absolutely disgraceful any former Prime Minister is using his former role to attempt to bring down any current Prime Minister!


Sir John, who is bemoaning Boris Johnson for Proroguing Parliament for what he says are political reasons, did the very same thing back in March 1997. You can even see him defending Prorogation in his last ever PMQs in the link at the end of this e-Bulletin! After 3 days of hearings, a ruling is expected early next week. Please be sure we will let you know as soon as we hear anything via our social media on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us on both, if you do not already do so: @GetBritainOut and 


Aside from the Court case there is a decision point on the horizon as a result of the ‘Surrender Bill’ passed by Remainers in Parliament. Should Boris Johnson not bring a Deal back for a vote in the House of Commons before the 19th of October, according to this new Law, he is required to request an extension up to the 31st of January from the EU. This is something Boris has refused to do, which may lead him to either ignoring Parliament - or even resigning, because he refuses to put pen to paper and sign any letter requesting an extension.


While the Remain-biased mainstream media are obsessed with trying to paint BREXIT as a catastrophe - and Boris Johnson as some kind of criminal - they have completely ignored the good news about BREXIT in the last few weeks. The UK has now signed 45 trade deals which will take effect after BREXIT with a wide range of countries including Israel, South Korea and a collection of South American agricultural giants such as Chile and Peru even adding Japan today. Additionally, Lord Wolfson, the CEO of the popular High Street fashion and homeware chain NEXT, has announced his company will be slashing prices in the event of a WTO-terms BREXIT, which would be hugely beneficial for customers!


AND, the Remain-biased mainstream media has also completely ignored the fact two Remain campaign organisations have been convicted of election fraud. “Wake up and Vote” and “DDB” were both set up within weeks of the Referendum and have been found to have colluded and shared funds. Both groups received huge donations from key Remain donors, despite only existing for a few days. It is nonsensical the media have failed to mention this, compared to their obsession with the Leave Campaign which has now been found innocent twice and Leave.EU being cleared of all charges because of a lack of evidence. 


While everyone has focused on the current Supreme Court actions, Boris Johnson has been getting on with negotiations. After being ambushed by the Luxembourg Prime Minister - and a ludicrous stage-managed pro-EU press conference palaver - it appears the EU have started paying attention to the UK's alternative arrangements to the Irish Backstop. Jean-Claude Juncker shocked the world on Thursday evening by announcing the Irish Backstop could be removed from the Withdrawal Agreement! This was followed up by an interview with the Sky News broadcast journalist, Sophy Ridge this morning, when Junker was looking very dejected, while accepting a Deal can be done with changes to the Withdrawal Agreement !!!


Whilst Get Britain Out has identified many other problems with the Withdrawal Agreement than just the Irish Backstop, we cautiously welcome this news because it seems to show some kind of progress. After all, if the Backstop is removable, what justification does the EU have for refusing to negotiate on other key areas - such as the unacceptable Defence Union or the undermining of our position in the 5EYES intelligence-sharing alliance. These are issues our Director, Jayne Adye, has raised with Boris Johnson personally, as well as his Cabinet in the last few weeks, and you can read these letters in the links below.


Additionally, we have worked in conjunction with other respected BREXIT campaigns and Facts4EU has produced a document outlining the serious problems with the Withdrawal Agreement - you can read this below.


It is also now being widely reported the Government is operating under the assumption of even if it can secure changes to the Irish Backstop, these changes may not be legally operable until after a Transition Period. We have warned several times against a Transition Period because - as it stands - during any such period, we would be locked into following EU rules and regulations for up to 2 years or more, without any input into them and be then legally obligated to continue with these rules after we have finally left! Let alone the fact Remainers would continue to try to cancel BREXIT all together during this Transition Period!


In further preparations towards a No Deal BREXIT, the Government has today announced it has commissioned up to £300 million-worth of ferry company contracts over 4 years so they can bring us vital goods such as medicines and essential chemicals. So, yet another Project Fear attack has been resolved. Hopefully, the new Transport Minister, Grant Shapps MP, will do a better job at managing contracts than failing Grayling did under Theresa May’s leadership….


Finally, the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, has attempted to revive his relevance to the public by finally releasing his memoirs. Included within them are numerous vitriolic comments about Boris Johnson and the Leave Campaign in the 2016 EU Referendum. Cameron accused the Leave campaign of being untruthful and acting in a shady manner. He is forgetting the Remain campaign's false promises and delusional doomsday predictions which formed such a crucial part of Project Fear. Let’s not forget his and the Remain campaigns major promise: “You the British people will decide…It will be the final decision…The Referendum will be a once in a generation choice” You can hear this quote in full here.

  • Jean Claude Junker and the EU have blinked saying a deal without the Backstop is possible. – Sky News
  • Exactly why the UK voted Leave! Head of the tiny tax haven of Luxembourg insults our PM with anti-BREXIT stunt. – The Daily Express
  • Lib Dems claim Paddy Ashdown would love their stance on BREXIT, but he actually vehemently backed delivering on a Leave Vote. – Guido Fawkes
  • Didier Reynders, Belgium’s Commission pick, under police investigation for corruption – Politico
  • The UK now has 45 Trade Deals signed ready to go after BREXIT. – Guido Fawkes
  • Sir John Major’s hypocrisy exposed by Get Britain Out – Get Britain Out
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