They Never Learn

Kurt Schlichter

If You Wanted to Rig An Election, You'd Do Exactly What Dems Did in 2020

Larry O'Connor

Black Education Tragedy Is New

Walter E. Williams

Better Than Charity

John Stossel

The Left's Gender Theories Are Anti-Scientific Nonsense, but They're Gaining Ground

Ben Shapiro

The Democrats Praise Their 'Big Tent'

Tim Graham

Historic Significance of Georgia Senate Contests

Star Parker

Late-Term Abortion Must Stop in the US

Katie Yoder

Alex Berenson’s Book About Face Masks Is An Absolute Must-Read

Scott Morefield

Bring Back the Constitution

Betsy McCaughey

Joe Biden Says He Wants a 'Revolution'

Terry Jeffrey

Merry Christmas, Hawaii: U.S. Missile Defenses Just Improved

Austin Bay

Congress Attacking Small Businesses in Lame Duck Session of Congress

Brian Darling

People Convicted of Felonies Give SCOTUS a Chance to Rectify Its Neglect of the Second Amendment

Jacob Sullum

Joe Biden’s Throwback Team Threatens American Security and Middle East Stability

Matt Mowers

Rampant Election Fraud Continues

John and Andy Schlafly

If You Think We’re Exaggerating Just Look to Norway

Michael Brown

Gov. Evers: Saying Abortionists 'Execute Babies' Is 'Blasphemy'
Trump blasts Schiff as 'political hack'
Pelosi's condescension offers some laughs
Pelosi open to border infrastructure
As The Dow Jones Industrial Average Reaches 30,000, ‘The Fed Did It’ Narrative Becomes Even More Ridiculous
A Statistical Overview Of American Households: Part 3, High Income vs. Low Income?
Worship the State, or Else
Trump Has One Major Condition For Signing Defense Bill

Leah Barkoukis

Census Deadline Extension Needed by the End of the Year

Ben Moss

Project Veritas Exposes What CNN Discusses on Their Morning Conference Calls. And CNN Responds.

Cortney O'Brien

Sen. Cruz Urges Emergency Appeal on Pennsylvania Court Challenge

Cortney O'Brien

San Jose Mayor Said to Cancel Thanksgiving Due to COVID. He Celebrated with Other People Anyway.

Julio Rosas

Leader McConnell Gives Heartfelt Tribute to Senator McSally on her Final Day in the Senate

Reagan McCarthy

BREAKING: The Durham Probe Is Now a Special Counsel Investigation

Katie Pavlich

Here Is What Treasury Pick Janet Yellen Promises to Use the Department to Address

Julio Rosas

AG Barr Reveals What the Justice Department Found During Investigation of Voter Fraud

Reagan McCarthy

Republicans Wonder Why Pelosi Is Prioritizing Tiger King Over COVID Relief

Cortney O'Brien

Does the Bipartisan COVID Relief Bill Have a Chance?

Guy Benson

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