Hey John!

You know what we know about you? You Give AF. 

You Give AF about reproductive rights and abortion access, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this email from Abortion Access Front right now, would you? 

This Giving Tuesday is an especially great day to Give AF because an anonymous donor

is offering a TWO-TO-ONE match on donations made today! 

So if you need another reason to Give AF, here’s like TEN like right now:

  1. Your gift will be DOUBLY MATCHED! $10 = $30! $50= $150! All matched thanks to an anonymous donation. 
  2. You will stop receiving fundraising emails for the rest of the year! What a treat! 
  3. You will make an anti-abortion extremist cry.*
  4. You will make an abortion provider’s day!
  5. You will feel awesome for the rest of the day.**
  6. You will help expose fake ass clinics that try to trick people that are looking for real help in getting an abortion. 
  7. You will be getting us one step closer to a future free of abortion stigma and shame. 
  8. You will help us get hand warmers and other helpful items to clinic escorts who help patients navigate hostile environments to get abortion care.
  9. You’ll be helping us send so many postcards thanking clinic workers for continuing to be so amazing, even in a pandemic.
  10. Your gift will be DOUBLY MATCHED! $10 = $30! $50= $150! All matched thanks to an anonymous donation. YES WE ALREADY SAID IT - but it’s a 2-to-1 match, so it’s worth mentioning twice.

If you Give AF as much as we do, we hope you'll donate today! 


Team AbortionAF


*This will happen, but we admit it’s pretty easy to make them cry. 

**Results not guaranteed, but typical of AbortionAF donors.

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