From Paul Constant, Civic Action <[email protected]>
Subject Here's what won in 2020
Date November 24, 2020 10:45 PM
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The 2020 elections are over, and while Democratic candidates did not win as many seats as they had hoped, progressive economic policies had remarkable success at the ballot box:

* In Arizona, voters approved a progressive income tax to fund education.
* In Florida, voters overwhelmingly approved a $15 minimum wage, even as they voted for Donald Trump.
* In Colorado, voters passed 12 weeks of paid family leave.
* In Multnomah County, Oregon (home to Portland), voters passed universal child care.

Across the country, progressive economic policies won - even where Democrats lost.

Right now, so-called "moderates" are making the media rounds complaining progressives in the Democratic Party cost or nearly cost them their election in key House and Senate races - but that's simply not true.

In fact, 112 Democrats who embraced Medicare for All were on the ballot this election, and each of them won their race. And of the 98 co-sponsors of the Green New Deal who were up for election, only one lost. It's clear that these policies aren't dragging down the Democratic Party - progressive economic issues won on the ballot everywhere.

Nowhere was this more clear than in Florida, where Democratic representatives suffered their most high-profile losses even as the $15 minimum wage, a policy Democrats support, passed overwhelmingly. Ironically, Democratic House candidates barely even talked about raising the minimum wage, mistakenly thinking it would hurt their chances.

The 2020 elections were a referendum on the right-wing policies of Donald Trump, but it's clear Democrats haven't learned the most important lesson of electoral politics: "It's the economy stupid." It's not enough to skirt around progressive economic policies - Democrats need to fully embrace them.

So, before any more centrist Democrats decide to blame their own losses on progressives, we need 10,000 supporters to send a message by answering this question. Tell us now:

Should Democrats champion progressive economic policies?

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