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Subject How to Flood Your Body with Nitric Oxide... Thanks to MIT Breakthrough Research
Date November 22, 2020 12:01 AM
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True American

# November 23, 2020


Has this ever happened to you?
You go to the doctor for just a routine check-up - and are shocked to discover your blood pressure and cholesterol are way too high.
Your doctor advises you to watch your diet, exercise and take the pills he's prescribing for you. But I'd be willing to bet he never once mentions boosting your levels of nitric oxide.
Am I right?
And that can be the key to your whole problem.
You see, nitric oxide directs a large number of critical functions in your body - including relaxing and widening your blood vessels for optimal circulation and blood pressure.
When you're young, you have adequate levels of this "miracle molecule" to keep your circulation, blood pressure and cholesterol healthy. But your levels of this "miracle molecule" start to decline when you hit your 40s - and plummet even further the older you get.
When your nitric oxide levels are too low, your blood pressure and cholesterol can increase - and your circulation can slow down.
But there's good news...
This special FREE Health Report reveals the amazingly effective way to increase the production of nitric oxide in your body - so you can help improve your blood pressure... and boost your circulation.
Click here to claim it now - and take charge of your cardiovascular health. ([link removed])

Dr. Janet Zand

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