From Track Trump’s Team <[email protected]>
Subject Trump's lawyers finally telling the truth in court
Date November 21, 2020 10:50 PM
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Hi friend --

The Wall Street Journal reports: "President Trump has claimed widespread fraud was at play in the presidential election. Several of his lawyers have told judges in courtrooms across the country that they don't believe that to be true."

The bad news? According to Yahoo! News, Trump's legal strategy is less about winning lawsuits and "more about fostering the false impression with the public that the election is fraudulent, and laying the groundwork to ask for relief from the federal courts, which the administration has assiduously stacked with Republican judges."

Trump's lawyers might not be able to get our votes thrown out. But the federal bench Trump has spent the last four years packing with 200+ loyalists who now serve for life? They very well could.

Friend, we can't take our eyes off the ball for even a second. We need to demand that Trump's small army of federal judges not grant any "relief" to this defeated president and his crooked claims of voter fraud.

That's why we're reaching out to you -- we know you don't want to see Donald Trump use his judiciary to steal the election.

Trump's federal judges are many, and they're powerful -- and since they've been appointed, we won't be able to vote them out of office even if they steal the election for Trump. The one thing we CAN do is let them know we see them, that we know what they're up to, and that we'll push hard for their impeachment if they break for the crook in the White House. Please, donate now to demand our federal judges stay impartial -- and give us the resources we'll need to respond if they don't. >> [link removed]

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Thank you for helping us keep an eye on the bench that Trump built. It's your support that will defeat the master plan of this master con artist.

For that, we owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Progressive Majority

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