From Stop Amazon <[email protected]>
Subject Your holiday shopping could hurt these workers
Date November 21, 2020 10:42 PM
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The “Christmas creep” is in full swing. Holiday decor is up, Christmas
commercials are running, and Amazon sent out a giant full-color toy
catalog to its biggest customers.

But instead of clicking “add to cart” for your holiday shopping this year,
we’re asking our community to think of the more than 160,000 small
businesses that have closed their doors since the pandemic started -- and
the warehouse workers who suffered while Amazon made $10 billion during
last month’s Prime Day sale alone.(1)

Courage California has launched a boycott of Amazon for the holiday
season, encouraging people to #BlackOutBezos for Black Friday, Cyber
Monday, and beyond. We’re planning two weeks full of digital and print ads
and a social media campaign explaining why people should shop local
instead of with Amazon, and we’re getting started right now.

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The numbers are outrageous: since the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon
CEO Jeff Bezos’ wealth increased by more than $70 billion.(2)

But while he amasses unimaginable wealth, his workers -- especially those
driving shipments and working in Amazon warehouses -- are left to suffer.

California’s division of occupational safety and health just levied fines
on two warehouses for not protecting their workers from the
coronavirus.(3) Employees were given a $2/hour raise for two months
because of the hazards of working during a pandemic, and then had it taken
away, even though coronavirus cases are on the rise.(4)

Even without the pandemic, Amazon workers are much more likely to suffer
injuries than those in similar jobs. A recent investigation showed 8
serious injuries per 100 employees -- double the industry standard -- due
to unrealistic expectations and unsafe technology in the warehouses.(5)

Employees who try to fight back are quickly fired. And Amazon has hired an
intelligence analyst to search out efforts to organize or highlight its
terrible business practices in order to shut down those uprisings.

Amazon is cheap and convenient. But is that convenience worth the health
and wellbeing of its more than 1,000,000 workers in America? We don’t
think so.

Instead of lining Bezos’ pockets more during the holiday season, we’re
asking everyone possible to visit their neighborhood businesses and help
support the people living and working in their communities. Bad press just
isn’t enough -- if we’re going to see real change for Amazon workers, we
need to hit Bezos in his wallet. We need to #BlackOutBezos.

[ [link removed] ]Donate now to spread the word about our #BlackOutBezos boycott before
the holiday shopping season is in full swing!

Yours in the fight for worker rights,

Angela, along with Annie, Caitlin, Deepthi, Gabby, Irene, Jay, Lindsay,
Molly, Raquel, and Scottie (the Courage team)

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