From Tre Graves, Democracy for America <[email protected]>
Subject Rham Emanuel for a position in Biden's Cabinet?
Date November 21, 2020 9:05 PM
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President-Elect Biden is beginning to pick personnel for his

One concerning sign is the rumors that Rham Emanuel is being considered
for several possible cabinet positions. This despite the fact the former
Chicago Mayor covered up the police murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald,
pushed austerity to the point of eliminating Chicago’s Department of
Environment, closed 50 struggling majority-Black schools, and caused the
first teacher's strike in 25 years.

That's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said appointing Emanuel to anything
would be a "divisive pick" and a "hostile approach to the grassroots and
progressive wing of the party."

[ [link removed] ]Let's get this straight, picking Rham Emanuel and people like him for
cabinet positions would be a slap in the face to the base of the
Democratic Party that propelled President-Elect Biden to victory. Call on
President-Elect Biden to follow the will of the voters and appoint only
cabinet members that will deliver on the promise of change, not double
down on more of the same.

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Now, while there are bad rumors that corporate Democrats will be included
in Biden's administration, there are some good signs that the
President-Elect Biden is listening to voters instead of the corporate
entities trying to influence him.

The Washington Post recently reported that the Biden administration wants
to "embed action on climate change across the breadth of the federal
government, from the departments of Agriculture to Treasury to State —
expanding it beyond environmental agencies.”

And in another good sign that President-Elect Biden is taking climate
change seriously, The Hill reports Rep. Deb Haaland, a co-sponsor of the
Green New Deal, is being vetted by the transition team for Secretary of
the Interior. If picked she would be the first-ever Native American
Cabinet secretary and would be able to oversee implementation of key
aspects of the Green New Deal.

[ [link removed] ]Add your name to our petition calling for President-Elect Biden to
follow the will of the voters by appointing a cabinet that will deliver on
our promise change.

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Republicans, and even some Democrats, are warning the President-Elect to
only choose people Mitch McConnell approves of or Republicans in the
Senate will block them. That's a false choice.

Joe Biden must build out an administration structured to meet the historic
needs of this moment -- and to uphold the highest values of the Democratic
Party and our country -- by operating in service of the well-being of the
general public. If McConnell blocks him, the President-Elect must use the
Vacancy Act and recess appointments to overcome any obstruction by Senate

In particular, we urge Joe to elevate people who have proven track records
of prioritizing the needs of working families, the poor and middle class,
and those traditionally oppressed and marginalized, not nominate or hire
corporate executives, lobbyists, and prominent corporate consultants who
have a track record of putting corporate profits over the American people.

It's imperative that Joe be able to appoint leaders to his administration
that are representative of the broad diversity of our country - but
diversity alone is not enough: All personnel must have demonstrated that
they prioritize the needs of under-served communities, especially
communities of color, and have done it in service of the public interest.

[ [link removed] ]Tell President-Elect Biden: Make Your Cabinet reflective of the base of
the Democratic Party

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Thank you for fighting for a Democratic party that delivers on the promise
of change for the 77 million Americans who voted for it.

— Tre

Tre Graves, Campaign Organizer
Democracy for America

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