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Date November 21, 2020 8:36 PM
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People For Member --

With 2021 rapidly approaching, today marks the launch of our early
membership renewal campaign.

[ [link removed] ]We need to go into the New Year stronger than ever to meet the
challenges that lie ahead. Please check "renewing with People For" off
your list now and renew for 2021 with a 3X-MATCHED donation of $7 or more

Together, we defeated Trump. Had we not done so, American democracy likely
would not have survived.

However, the fight to undo the damage of Trump and Trumpism is only
beginning. Trump Republicans have retained control of some of America's
most important levers of power and a dangerous alternate reality has taken
root with the Far Right -- which, despite losing the White House, is more
radicalized and energized than ever.

That's why we're asking today that you renew your support for 2021 early
to let us know you're with us in the fight to reclaim, restore, and
protect the American Way.

All donations 3X-MATCHED through December 31!

[ [link removed] ]Renew early with a donation of $7 or more right now>>

Our work to stop hate, defend democracy, and make the promise of freedom,
opportunity, and justice real for all is more important than ever. And the
challenges we face are many.

* We have one chance -- in Georgia, this January -- to make sure Mitch
McConnell doesn't have the power to block every piece of progressive
legislation and every Biden executive branch and judicial nominee.
* American lives and livelihoods are threatened like never before by
this raging pandemic and the fights to protect Americans' health care,
provide economic relief, and protect fundamental rights all require
our commitment to push our public officials to rise to this moment and
hold them accountable if they don't.
* Repairing the harm caused by the Trump administration and their
reckless enablers in Congress will take years -- we must be able to do
that while also advancing a bold progressive agenda that ensures a
more fair, just, and equitable society for all.

Your support was vital in 2020. Will you renew your
commitment to fighting the scourge of Trumpism in the year ahead?

[ [link removed] ]Renew your support for the New Year now, early, with the most generous
2021 membership donation you can make>>

To elect progressive candidates, fight right-wing attacks on
the most vulnerable Americans, and stand up for freedom,
equity, opportunity and justice for all…
[ [link removed] ]Member Card [ [link removed] ]YES, I will renew my membership early for 2021 with a
donation of $7 or more!

(All donations 300%-MATCHED!)

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Thank you for everything you do.

-- Membership Department, People For the American Way







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Thanks for your support.

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