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Subject Join us in thanking election officials!
Date November 18, 2020 12:01 AM
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Two weeks have now gone by since Election Day. We know, it's felt like
months! There’s a lot of gratitude to go around, but today we’re asking
you to [ [link removed] ]join us in thanking election officials for their hard work and
integrity in the face of challenging conditions

In the weeks and months leading up to Election Day, we, the voters, turned
out in record numbers to elect leaders that care about all of us. Trusted
local officials were preparing all year for this election, but their work
didn’t stop once every ballot was cast. Officials and community members
that served as poll workers worked into the night to verify and count
every vote. Today, election officials submitted the final canvass and
certification for all 72 counties, which means we may get the final
statewide results certified this week.

Despite a global pandemic and deliberate attempts to make it difficult for
marginalized communities to vote, most Wisconsinites reported having a
good experience in casting their ballot. There’s still a lot we can do to
strengthen our democracy, but ultimately the will of the people won out in
this election and that has a lot to do with the diligence and integrity of
our local election officials and the community members that staffed the

So today, we’re asking you to [ [link removed] ]join us in saying thank you to the
election heroes that made this election possible, from clerks to tech
staff to poll workers.

Join us on [ [link removed] ]Facebook, [ [link removed] ]Twitter, or [ [link removed] ]Instagram and share our thank
you message.

Encourage your network to join the movement to thank the election heroes
that made this process as successful and smooth as it was. Don’t forget to
include the hashtags #ElectionHeroes and #AllinWisconsin. Find us on
[ [link removed] ]Facebook, [ [link removed] ]Twitter, or [ [link removed] ]Instagram.

Thank you for all you do,

A Better Wisconsin Together


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