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Subject The Final Evangelical Reckoning of Donald Trump | Joe Forrest in Interfaith Now
Date November 13, 2020 12:00 PM
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Today's highlights

The Final Evangelical Reckoning of Donald Trump ([link removed])

It's over.
Joe Forrest ([link removed])
in Interfaith Now ([link removed])
5 min read

How I Got AWS Certified While Having a Life ([link removed])

Get certified not dumped
JT Earl ([link removed])
5 min read

iPhone 12 Pro Max Preview: The Camera Hardware Changes ([link removed])

It's that time again. Every year, we take a deep dive into what is new in the iPhone camera. This year is…
Sebastiaan de With ([link removed])
in Halide ([link removed])
6 min read

White Liberals Are Already Failing Post Election ([link removed])

The Entitlement and Privilege Just Leaps Out, Huh?
DarkSkyLady ([link removed])
in The Startup ([link removed])
5 min read

In case you missed it

I Just Realized I'm an Old Programmer ([link removed])

And I'm not even 40…
Ryan Nehring ([link removed])
in Better Programming ([link removed])
4 min read

From 'Fat Amy' to 'Fit Amy' ([link removed])

Once again, society is focusing on all the wrong things about Rebel Wilson's weight-loss journey
Estrella Ramirez ([link removed])
in Fearless She Wrote ([link removed])
4 min read

Steve Jobs' Dark Past ([link removed])

The time Steve Job's cheated his way to success
Andrei Tapalaga ✒️ ([link removed])
in History of Yesterday ([link removed])
4 min read

Quick reads

Why Having A President Who Knows Grief Will Save Lives ([link removed])

When I was 10 years old, my mother passed away and I joined an army of grievers. It's an army of individuals…
Vivian Nunez ([link removed])
4 min read

Is a Republican Senate Biden's Dream Come True? ([link removed])

Why the President-Elect may not be as worried about the prospects of a gridlocked legislative branch as we…
Lauren Martinchek ([link removed])
in Dialogue & Discourse ([link removed])
4 min read

The Essential Nature of In-Person Work For Early-Stage Startups ([link removed])

tldr: instead of choosing between in-person or remote, your seed stage company (or team) should be more…
Hunter Walk ([link removed])
3 min read

Most read

How to Forgive a Murderer ([link removed])

My brother's homicide remains unsolved. With no face and no name, there's no one to hate.
Rene Cizio ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
9 min read

My Boyfriend's Family Was Not a Replacement for My Own ([link removed])

I still want to fill that void, but I've accepted it may not happen
Dani Fleischer ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
6 min read

Editors' picks

How the Fuck Did Trump's Black Vote Grow in 2020? ([link removed])

Thousands of African Americans really wanted a second term for one of history's most racist presidents
Bonsu Thompson ([link removed])
in LEVEL ([link removed])
6 min read

Just Stopping Emissions May No Longer Be Enough to Stop Global Warming ([link removed])

Researchers argue that it's time to invest in aggressive carbon capture
Drew Costley ([link removed])
in Future Human ([link removed])
5 min read

My Country Normalized Racism So Much, I Stopped Thinking It Was Hurtful ([link removed])

People from the Northeast are as much Indians as the people from the rest of the country
Anangsha Alammyan ([link removed])
in ZORA ([link removed])
6 min read

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