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Workers’ rights to negotiate a fair contract, fair wages, fair benefits, and safe working conditions is fundamental to the function of our economy and democracy. It’s what holds all parties accountable for their actions. I am proud to continue my family legacy of fighting for working families. I will always stand with working people. #IStandWithUAW

A few weeks ago in the #AbbieForMayor #CoffeeClub I discussed how my family celebrated Labor Day. Last year over the Labor Day weekend I spent a chunk of my time reading “The Last Ballad”- a historical fiction by Wiley Cash about a woman named Ella May Wiggins who led the effort to unionize the textile mills in North Carolina. Ella May Wiggins literally gave her life fighting for your right to organize, bargain and to hold people in positions of power accountable to do what’s best for their employees.

I have always, and will continue to stand up tall and fight for working families. At the end of the day this work is all about answering to the working people. Anyone who would deny the right of workers to organize is a person who does not want to be held accountable.

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