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Good Morning, Indian River County!!

We live in difficult times. President Trump is fighting an election that he instinctively knows was stolen from him. He is not sure where the fraud was, so he is aiming everywhere, much like a blindfolded boxer.

Last week, Joe Biden stated unequivocally that "only three presidential campaigns have defeated an incumbent president. When it's over, God willing, we will be the fourth."

John Adams, 1800. John Quincy Adams, 1828. Martin Van Buren, 1840. Grover Cleveland, 1888. Benjamin Harrison, 1892. William Howard Taft, 1912. Herbert Hoover, 1932. Gerald Ford, 1976. Jimmy Carter, 1980. George HW Bush, 1992.

The Washington Post did NOT run headlines calling Biden a liar. The New York Times similarly did not condemn him. Nor did PolitiFact. CNN was silent on the issue. Those who re-Tweeted his speech, or posted it on Facebook, did not have it plastered with warnings that it contained false or misleading material, nor did they have their posts blocked or taken down.

In short, there is a huge double standard in play being perpetrated by the mass media and Big Tech. The left can misspeak or be mistaken, the right can only lie and intentionally mislead. I cannot conceive of anyone naive enough to believe that a double standard of this variety perpetrated by mass media and Big Tech's biggest players does not have the capability to swing millions of votes and determine the outcome of a presidential election.

President Trump is not going down without a fight. But I fear that he may indeed be going down, given the short window for legal relief and the vastness of the forces arrayed against him. I cry for America.

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Joe Saul
Secretary, Indian River County REC


Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee
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