From Martha Plimpton <[email protected]>
Subject Tonight, We Celebrate!
Date November 8, 2020 4:35 AM
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Dear John,

It’s Time To Celebrate!!!!

In fact, I may have broken open the champagne early this morning and not stopped dancing since the news came over the radio. (Yes, I listen to the radio.)

Hearing the words, “Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris” brought immediate sheets of tears to my eyes! And I bet it did to yours, too. This is an historic and long-awaited day, and this victory is a serious jolt of energy for those of us who’ve felt gaslit and abused for the last four years.

We could not be more excited and grateful. Particularly for everyone who worked so hard to protect the vote, encouraged voting by mail, and voting early. Their hard work has made this possible. As Kamala said in her address tonight, “Black women are the backbone of this country.” This election proved this truth, yet again.

She also said, “What I want young women and girls to know is: You are powerful and your voice matters. You’re going to walk into many rooms in your life and career where you may be the only person who looks like you. But you are not alone.”

Nor should anyone seeking safe abortion care feel alone. Or different. Or ostracized.

“This grim era of demonization” that our President-elect spoke of in his address tonight is deeply familiar to everyone who has been working to protect reproductive rights. Now, ending it must also include ending the demonization of those who seek abortion care, who provide the critical health care treatment that is abortion, and those of us who are living our lives having had abortions.

We know that this is another beginning, another chance, to make things right in this country. It’s not going to be easier now, the opposition is going to fight against us even harder. But we are ready. After all, we’ve been at this for years. We’re not going to stop and we know you won’t either.

Tonight, we celebrate.



Martha Plimpton
Board President & Co-Founder
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