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Friend --

Yesterday, we the people demonstrated our power. 

After four years of Trump trying to bully and divide the American people, four years of scapegoating immigrants and emboldening white supremacists, and four years of passing policies that enrich his Billionaire Wall Street buddies while the rest of us suffer - the American people shattered records by showing up to the polls across race and place at unprecedented levels.

It is a reminder that we, the people, have the power to make this country what we envision for it. 

We demonstrated our power when we showed up in the streets - from the marches in defense of Black lives this past summer, to the protests against child separation and ICE raids, to the airport shutdowns to stop the Muslim ban.

We demonstrated our power when we showed up in force to deliver food, masks and supplies at the onset of the pandemic when Trump failed to do so.

And we demonstrated our power when we showed up to polls in record numbers to deliver a democracy that can work for all of us - with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the top of the ballot, and with a progressive slate of candidates up and down California.

The will of the people is clear, and as we ensure every last vote is counted, we are ready to move this country forward with new leaders that we will hold to account starting day one. 

In solidarity,


ACCE Action

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