ACLU of Northern California

Dear ACLU Supporter,

Thanks to a groundswell of support from people like you, the ACLU and our allies have successfully blocked abortion bans in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah. Now we are asking you to stand up for abortion rights here in California.


Last week, the California Legislature passed SB 24, a bill to make sure UC and CSU campuses honor students' reproductive rights. Now it's up to Governor Newsom to sign it into law.

Ask Governor Newsom to sign SB 24.

Public university student health centers currently don't offer abortion care on campus, although they already offer many other forms of reproductive healthcare.

As a result, far too many college students, especially low-income students, experience significant and unnecessary barriers to accessing abortion care. Two out of three UC students don't have a car. And some students have the additional burden of finding the means to travel for hours for an appointment.

The abortion pill provides safe and effective care that can—and should—be offered at every public university student health center. SB 24 will ensure every student at these schools can access abortion care, no matter where they live or how much money is in their bank account. Stand with us.


Abdi Soltani

Abdi Soltani
Executive Director, ACLU of Northern California