You heard our campaign manager this morning, Brandt —

We missed our fundraising goal yesterday just as Washington Republicans launched last-minute attacks against Cal, which means we’re rushing this afternoon to get back on track.

People are voting across North Carolina, and undecided voters will determine the outcome of this very close Senate race.

Right now, we’re spending money we don’t have to communicate with as many undecided voters as possible because we understand the stakes here. This race will determine whether or not Democrats take back the Senate — it’s as simple as that!

Brandt, we expect this race will be decided by just a handful of votes in key precincts. Help us reach enough of them to win before it’s too late by adding a donation of any amount right now:

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Thanks so much for all you do. We know this request is last minute and we would not be asking if it wasn’t so important.

— Team Cal