From Abbie <[email protected]>
Subject Work/Life Balance
Date September 16, 2019 10:00 AM
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While canvassing earlier this week I was chatting with a woman who asked me how I was balancing the campaign and my life, especially as a parent of two young children. I’ll be honest, it is not easy, all parents know what a challenge it can be to maintain everything on all fronts. You rarely feel like you’re doing enough or doing it right but you keep going.

The process of running for Mayor has been challenging, I have talked to thousands of Kokomo residents. I’m listening, I know you want a better city for your children, for your parents, for your neighbors and I want that too. I am fighting for a better Kokomo for Jack & Matilda. But it goes beyond that, I’m not just fighting for my kids, I’m fighting for yours too. I’m fighting for you, your family, your friends, and all fellow Kokomo residents. We all deserve to live our best lives, together, in#OurCity <[link removed][0]=68.ARBd73pHZq7Ud5qvC7KEGU3PxjrZOz8IjaYfEiFlsRWZrC1m0iL_37QRoMFNCzm28W-toIaKKDq0agP6f2Ih4UjFPX0flehaUJZ9jhSKT91kDPVtzmphWt9_1R-_t1drOrwcMueHJHQPwHOGAm6bvqig2aV4nbLUPlKuG3gjE0OEH_q7wJlLu9h50tbLKeJcNdFwPeIbXru8z5BBMz_RSJmxQeidUuxaJ8RgFi2Dsl-bEyaO1B4MeAGyx19JmwpnMs9mrmPOgJ7GgtpmHfjwUqqbYi8xlugc35YcwMHvGRK9P9nZfofGf_hxbuWmuBjYXH7K9KlYhas25rhnRjGAXGQ&__tn__=%2ANK-R>. Together we can do better.

In this week’s#CoffeeClub <[link removed][0]=68.ARBd73pHZq7Ud5qvC7KEGU3PxjrZOz8IjaYfEiFlsRWZrC1m0iL_37QRoMFNCzm28W-toIaKKDq0agP6f2Ih4UjFPX0flehaUJZ9jhSKT91kDPVtzmphWt9_1R-_t1drOrwcMueHJHQPwHOGAm6bvqig2aV4nbLUPlKuG3gjE0OEH_q7wJlLu9h50tbLKeJcNdFwPeIbXru8z5BBMz_RSJmxQeidUuxaJ8RgFi2Dsl-bEyaO1B4MeAGyx19JmwpnMs9mrmPOgJ7GgtpmHfjwUqqbYi8xlugc35YcwMHvGRK9P9nZfofGf_hxbuWmuBjYXH7K9KlYhas25rhnRjGAXGQ&__tn__=%2ANK-R>, I chat about work/life balance. My husband, Nate will join me to chat about how we make our lives work. I will then shift to focus on homelessness in Kokomo. What are we doing right? What else can we do, specifically to ensure we are keeping children off the streets?

Click here to watch this week’s Coffee Club video. <[link removed]>

In your service, 

Abbie Smith

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