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Subject plenty of voters haven't made up their minds (we need your help to reach them)
Date November 2, 2020 7:11 PM
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John -- Election Day is tomorrow. We're up against the clock -- here are the top three things you need to know about our race:

1. Control of the Senate hinges on Iowa. We only need to flip four seats to take back the Senate majority and we have our best shot in Iowa.

2. Polls show Theresa trailing her Republican opponent. We're still within the margin of error, but we're running out of time to turn this race around.

3. Mitch McConnell and his allies are spending more than $85 MILLION on this race to defeat this grassroots team.

What we do in the final hours of this race will make or break this campaign. We're fighting like heck for every last vote, but we need your help. There are still plenty of voters who haven't made up their minds. We need to reach these folks in these last few hours to make sure they know why Theresa is the fighter we need in Washington. But we can't do that without your help.

Theresa isn't accepting a dime of corporate PAC money, so we need this grassroots team to push us over the finish line. Let's finish this race strong, by fighting together to flip this seat. Don't take your foot off the gas now:

Rush a donation of $5, or whatever you can, right away to help us flip this seat and take back the Senate majority.

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Let's go,


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