Early turnout is surging in North Carolina, Brandt, and millions have already cast their ballots. But things can shift quickly, especially with Donald Trump back in North Carolina today (he was also here yesterday!), and we’ve got to be ready for anything heading into the final hours of this election.

The truth is, we’re locked in a dead heat with Thom Tillis and Trump’s visit could be the boost his struggling campaign needs to tip the scales. So, we need every single supporter to add a final donation today or we could fall short on resources tomorrow.

Time and again, your support has made the difference in this race. Volunteering, texting voters, making calls, and chipping in — and so much more. We’re in a very strong position to win because of you, but we can’t let up one bit in the final hours.

If we keep our momentum going until the polls close tomorrow, we’ll win this toss-up election — make one final donation of $5 or more to get our campaign over the finish line in North Carolina. Add yours here:

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Thanks for everything. One more day.

— Team Cal