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Subject Introducing the Identitarian Foundation
Date September 15, 2019 7:24 PM
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Building and sustaining patriotic communities across the British Isles for an Identitarian future.


Dear fellow Identitarians and patriots,
The end of this month will see an event that is a first for the British Isles: the launch of both the Identitarian Movement (IDM) – previously Generation Identity UK – and the Identitarian Foundation (IF).

This monthly newsletter is dedicated to the Identitarian Foundation and its mission: “Building and sustaining patriotic communities across the British Isles for an Identitarian future.”

The Identitarian Foundation (IF) seeks to promote and disseminate the ideas and theories of the European New Right throughout the British Isles and to recalibrate the ‘Right’ through cultural events, conferences, study programmes and networking.

We carry out research and work to peacefully raise awareness of replacement-level migration in our countries and its consequences for the native peoples. Further to this, we offer practical support to Identitarian activists through fundraising, logistics and networking opportunities.

The IF is a metapolitical organisation that works to change the current establishment paradigm, which is enabling replacement-level migration (also known as the “Great Replacement”) and multiculturalism at the expense of the well-being and continued existence of the native ethnic English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish peoples in our homelands.

David Wright
Identitarian Foundation coordinator  

Why Identitarians Reject The Old Right

Whereas the Old Right places major emphasis on subservience to the apparatus of the nation state, Identitarians stress advocacy of ethno-culture; that is of a people and to those particular social norms that each people alone creates. Moreover, we recognise and uphold the subtle regional and local variations within each ethno-culture – we do not kowtow to the manufactured ‘one size fits all’ identities so often deployed by state institutions.. [...]  
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An Immigrant's Return Home
The word ‘fernweh’ means longing for or missing a place (or time) you’ve never been – I feel this ache in my soul and my bones all the time.
When my mom was eight years old her family emigrated to Canada from Germany, and my dad’s Scottish family has been in Canada for generations. In school, we were taught Canadian history – that is, the history of the English and French settlers and the First Nations, the Hudson Bay Company to Quebec’s special status, through to a brief overview of Confederation. [...]  
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  Remembering Vienna  
Ben Harrison joins the annual Kahlenberg memorial march.   [ Read here ]( [link removed] )

  Yes, We Do Need Education  
Phil Robertson on the declining education of the indigenous working class.   [ Read here ]( [link removed] )

  Stanage Edge, the Peak District  
An Identitarian Foundation hike in Stanage Edge, in the Peak District.   [ Watch here ]( [link removed] )  
  IF members contribute a wide range of skills, including online and offline marketing, networking and outreach, fundraising, merchandising, legal assistance, research, writing and editing, logistics, event organising, graphic design, website management, and online content creation.  
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