EVERYONE is asking you to support Kara:

Barack Freakin Obama
Nancy Freakin Pelosi
Katie Freakin Porter
Elizabeth Freakin Warren
And now I’m emailing again!!

That’s how make-or-break this moment is!

Kara is within a single point of unseating vulnerable GOP Congressman Don Bacon -- and Republicans are pummeling Kara with MILLIONS in attacks to make her lose.

I need you to decide, and I need you to decide NOW:

--Either sit like a turd in a toilet and do NOTHING to stop Republicans from stealing our lead

--Or defend Kara from the GOP’s attacks, help her flip a House seat, AND deliver a key electoral college vote for Joe and Kamala.

(John, it’s a rare opportunity to win an electoral college vote for Joe and Kamala, but that’s how it works in Nebraska, so that makes your gift that much more valuable.)

It’s time to get off your butt! There are attack ads going unanswered, and Kara will lose without you defending her.

Will you rush in $5 ASAP before the midnight deadline in 14 hours?

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Kara Eastman is running to flip Nebraska's second district from red to blue. She has dedicated her entire career to bettering her community through nonprofits and social work. She was inspired to run for office after her mom got cancer for the 5th time, and was prescribed a pill that cost $2500. Kara's mom chose to keep her house, and lost her battle with cancer after losing her life-savings to cancer drugs. As Kara watched her Republican Representative Don Bacon vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and rob millions of their access to health care, she knew she couldn't sit on the sidelines.

If you want to support Kara's campaign for Congress, please rush in a donation here. >>

Another thing -- we know we send a lot of fundraising emails. It's because Kara has pledged not to take a cent of corporate PAC money. Unlike her Republican opponent, she relies on this grassroots community to fund her campaign. If you'd like to receive fewer emails from Kara, please click here. We'd hate to lose you completely, but if you'd like to unsubscribe, please click here.

We can't tell you how much Kara appreciates your grassroots support!

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