We’re emailing you to see if you can pitch in $4. Here’s our brief explanation:

Democrats need to pick up four seats to take back the Senate majority and we only have four days to do it. North Carolina is a toss-up Senate race in this election, and any hope we have of flipping the majority hinges on us.

Recent public polls show our campaign either has a very small lead against Thom Tillis or we’re deadlocked. That’s why Mitch McConnell’s network of corporate donors and Super PACs are spending more than $80 million to defeat us.

Will you join our campaign to flip North Carolina’s Senate seat and take back the majority for Democrats by chipping in $4 before our final fundraising deadline of this election expires tomorrow? Anything you can give will make a meaningful difference in our race.

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North Carolinians deserve to be represented by someone who will always put our state first, and someone who will prioritize their health and safety. Our race is a huge opportunity to take back the Senate — if we fight for it.

That’s why we’re asking for your help today. Thanks for all you’re doing.

— Team Cal