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Subject He Murdered His Fiancée’s Daughter on Halloween | Fatim Hemraj in The True Crime Edition
Date October 30, 2020 12:00 PM
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Today's highlights

He Murdered His Fiancée's Daughter on Halloween ([link removed])

He fantasized about having sex with her dead body.
Fatim Hemraj ([link removed])
in The True Crime Edition ([link removed])
5 min read

The First Female President of the United States of America ([link removed])

The White House secret presidency
Jhemmylrut Teng ([link removed])
in History of Yesterday ([link removed])
10 min read

The 2 Qualities to Look for in a Serious Partner ([link removed])

I grew up with two opposite father figures. They taught me what to avoid and look for in a serious partner.
Ellen Nguyen ([link removed])
in Tingly Mind ([link removed])
7 min read

Cracks are appearing in the 2nd law of thermodynamics ([link removed])

Information stochastic thermodynamics emerges as the science of nanotech.
Tim Andersen, Ph.D. ([link removed])
in The Infinite Universe ([link removed])
5 min read

In case you missed it

This is Why She Didn't Contact You ([link removed])

Sometimes a woman wants to have a man by her side and her needs fulfilled. Unfortunately, she can't have her…
Ellen Nguyen ([link removed])
in Tingly Mind ([link removed])
4 min read

A Reminder to Shut the Door on Your Ex ([link removed])

There's nothing flattering about an ex coming back to you. It's disrespectful.
Ellen Nguyen ([link removed])
in Tingly Mind ([link removed])
4 min read

Have We Got Atoms All Wrong? ([link removed])

What is the true nature of atoms? Do they really look like this?
Will Lockett ([link removed])
in Predict ([link removed])
7 min read

Quick reads

Nationals announce Major League coaching staff ([link removed])

The Washington Nationals announced the remainder of their 2021 Major League coaching staff on Wednesday…
Nationals Communications ([link removed])
in Curly W Live ([link removed])
3 min read

What I Learned When an 82-Year-Old Man Asked Me to Marry Him ([link removed])

The age difference wasn't the only problem with his plan
Tracey Folly ([link removed])
in Tracey's Folly ([link removed])
4 min read

Breaking down destructuring declarations ([link removed])

Kotlin Vocabulary - destructuring
Florina Muntenescu ([link removed])
in Android Developers ([link removed])
3 min read

Most read

My Life in Their Frame ([link removed])

The pursuit of a PhD from my urban vantage point
Lakeya Omogun ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
2 min read

Editors' picks

Covid-19 Bullshit Exposed in 5 Simple Graphics ([link removed])

COMMENTARY: Words don't seem to be eradicating these fallacies. Maybe images will help.
Robert Roy Britt ([link removed])
in Medium Coronavirus Blog ([link removed])
5 min read

A Game to Get You Un-Stuck on Crappy Feelings ([link removed])

I started doing this when I needed it, and now I use it all the time
Siobhan O'Connor ([link removed])
in Forge ([link removed])
4 min read

Of Course Trump's Hail Mary Is To Attack the Squad ([link removed])

When backed into a corner, the president taps his worst impulses
Jessica Valenti ([link removed])
in GEN ([link removed])
3 min read

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