This week, we set a goal to make 4 million contact attempts – calls or texts – to Alabama voters. At $0.07 per call or text, it was going to cost us $280,000 to do it.

Thanks to supporters like you, we are so close to reaching our goal. We just need one final push to get us over the finish line.

If you chipped in $28 dollars right now, friend, we could make another 400 calls to Alabama voters – that’s 400 more chances to secure a vote for Doug.


In 2017, we won by just 21,924 votes. One day before that election, we were 2 points ahead in the polls. Today, the polls have us one point ahead.

That means this race is going to come down to a handful of Alabama voters again, and the conversations we’re having today and tomorrow with voters could be the difference between Doug winning and losing.

YOU could be the difference between Doug winning and losing.

We need to raise another $45,507 to fund the rest of our voter outreach for today and tomorrow and meet our goal. If everyone reading this email chipped in, we could raise it right now.

Don’t wake up on November 4th wishing you had only done more. Chip in right now, $28 or anything you can afford, and let’s re-elect Doug Jones >>



Doug is relying on you, friend. Your neighbors, friends, and family are relying on you to do your part. We all need Doug in the Senate.

Thank you for being a part of this,

Team Doug



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