Brandt —

In a few moments, I will ask you to make a donation to my United States Senate campaign before our final fundraising deadline of this critical election. This is an important test of our momentum, especially today — which is why I’m reaching out. Let me explain:

With Mitch McConnell’s massive super PAC and corporate donor network spending more than $80 million to save my opponent Thom Tillis, I want to prove we have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with their political machine and win in a few days.

Recent polls show our campaign in a dead heat with Tillis — they also show he’s deeply unpopular and more vulnerable than ever. North Carolina is Democrats’ best chance to flip a Senate seat, and our race would end McConnell’s grip on power in Washington.

We can win this election because our message of taking on political corruption has resonated with voters, and the numbers prove it. But I’ll need your help to make sure we don’t leave a single vote on the table and that every undecided voter in North Carolina has had the opportunity to hear from our campaign.

That is why I am asking:

Will you add a contribution of $5 or more to our campaign for United States Senate in North Carolina? With your help, we can flip this seat and take back the Senate for Democrats. Donate to our final goal now:

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Ours is a campaign powered by a lot of people standing up for what’s right, not the corporate PACs that are already overrepresented in Washington. I am running to take on the political corruption that stands in the way of progress on the most important issues of our time — are you with me?

Thanks for reading. Take care.

— Cal Cunningham