Alabama doesn't like cowards.

Tonight, the College Democrats and College Republicans at Auburn University co-hosted a debate between Doug Jones and Tommy Tuberville, offering students a chance to ask the candidates about the issues that matter most to Alabama.

But Tuberville never showed up – he’s too scared to face Doug... even on his own home turf.

Tuberville has repeatedly refused to debate Doug Jones. He’s consistently refused to be interviewed by the press. He’s refused to tell Alabama the truth about who and what they’re voting for – and it’s clear why.

Tuberville is hiding because he knows that on every front – policy, experience, character, competence – he loses to Doug Jones. Hands down.

If he won’t tell the truth, we will.

Tuberville expects to win this race off of his blind allegiance to the President and his party affiliation. But Alabamians know better.

People deserve to know who they’re really voting for if they vote for Tuberville: someone who...
  • won’t protect our health care,
  • doesn’t believe in science,
  • has no idea what the Voting Rights Act is, and
  • doesn’t care about the lives and livelihoods of Alabamians.
Alabama will never elect a coward. Pitch in now and help us spread the truth about the man hiding behind the ballot >>

To bravery, unity, and truth,

Team Doug



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