From Jordy Zeigler, Team Greenfield <[email protected]>
Subject I'm about to make our final TV buy, and what we raise today determines if we can keep our ads online
Date October 28, 2020 5:07 PM
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Hey John --

I'm about to wire money to reserve our final TV ads of the campaign. Along with our grassroots volunteers, these ads are crucial to get out the vote, but if we don't get our grassroots fundraising back on track we won't be able to keep them on the air through Election Day.

We've already had to make huge cuts to our voter contact budget. We absolutely cannot afford to cut our TV budget in these final days. This is the closest Senate race in the country, and we're fighting hard for every single vote online and on the air. But if we're going to win this thing and flip the Senate, we need your help right now to hit our final end-of-month goal.

We're in the final days of this grassroots campaign. If we continue to fall behind now, we won't reach the number of voters we need to win this race. That's why hitting our final end-of-month fundraising goal couldn't be more important. A contribution of $5 or $10 could be the difference between flipping this seat and losing our one shot at taking back the Senate. Pitch in now to help us hit our $500,000 end-of-month fundraising goal, get our ads on the air, and get out the vote.

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Your donation goes directly into our efforts to reach voters, keep our ads on the air, and fight back against the more than $85 MILLION Mitch McConnell and his allies are spending to defeat this grassroots team.

Control of the Senate hinges on Iowa -- we can't slow down now. We're not accepting a dime of corporate PAC money, so we're counting on folks like you to step up right away and help us continue our voter outreach. I can't afford to make tough budget cuts this late in the game. With your help, I won't have to.

We need your help right now to end this campaign on a high note. Pitch in $5, or whatever you can, to help us hit our end-of-month goal and get one step closer to flipping the Senate.

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Campaign Manager
Team Greenfield

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