Hey friend,

We need to raise $32,000 to make tomorrow’s voter contact calls and stay on track to reach our goal of 4 million calls and texts to voters this week.

If everyone reading this email gave only $20, we could fund tomorrow's voter outreach right now.


These conversations with voters are vital in this last week. It’s our last chance to talk to Alabamians directly about their concerns and priorities and share what Doug has done and will continue to do to fight for them and their families.

Your contribution today helps us bring more Alabamians on to Team Doug right when it matters most. Please, pitch in now >>


Friend – this is a big week. All the digital organizing and volunteer training we’ve done comes to a head in the next eight days.

We’ve set a goal to make 4 million calls and texts to Alabama voters this week. Our volunteers will be contacting 1 million people across the state to talk to them about their priorities and bring them on board Team Doug.

It costs us $0.07 to make one attempt to contact a voter. We need to raise $280,000 to reach our goal of 4 million outreach attempts. To do it, we need everyone reading this email to step up right now.


The day before the 2017 election, we were ahead by 2 points. We won that race by just 21,924 votes. Today, we’re ahead by 1 point. This is going to come down to just a handful of votes again, and meeting this outreach goal could decide if we win or lose.

Your contribution could mean that many more Alabamians cast their votes for Doug. It’s as simple as that. There is no better time and no better reason to pitch in.

We can’t do this without you,

Cara Schumann
Digital Director
Doug Jones for Senate





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