Wow, Brandt —

We just finished taking a look at the latest polls in our Senate race, and we have some good news and bad news:

First, the good news: Our race is a toss-up and Democrats can flip this Senate seat if we have the financial resources to defend Cal Cunningham from Republican attacks.

It gets better: The political pundits believe that whoever wins the North Carolina Senate race will win control of the majority. So, not only could we flip this seat — but we can also end McConnell’s majority in Washington.

Now, the bad news: Republican super PACs are spending big in the final week of this election and we keep getting hit with attacks. But if 391 people make a donation after reading this message today, then we can fight back and catch up.

Add a contribution of any amount now to help our campaign reach 1,000,000 individual donations before the deadline, flip North Carolina’s Senate seat, and take back the majority for Democrats in November:

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— Team Cal