From Xavier Becerra <[email protected]>
Subject Breaking: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to SCOTUS
Date October 27, 2020 12:29 AM
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Senate Republicans just voted. Amy Coney Barrett is the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. This will have lasting consequences for generations.

We must fight back. Chip in $5 now»

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In the decades to come, Justice Barrett will cast deciding votes on abortion rights, environmental laws, and our civil rights.

But we won't have to wait years to see the impact of her confirmation; In just two weeks, I'll be at the Supreme Court to STOP Trump from ending the Affordable Care Act. My lawsuit will likely be one of the first cases Justice Barrett hears.

The entire ACA is on the line -- every part of it -- from protecting 133+ million Americans with pre-existing conditions during a pandemic, expanded coverage for seniors, to health insurance for millions of young people. It's all at risk.

This fight and today's confirmation confirm what we've already known for four years: Democratic Attorneys General are the last line of defense against an unchecked Republican agenda determined to attack our families. We intend to fight with everything we have, team -- and right now, I need you to stand with us:

Justice Barrett has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. Dem AGs are the last line of defense, and right now so much is on the line. Chip in $5 to power us forward today»

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The fight for justice continues -- and we intend to win.



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