From California Gun Rights Foundation <[email protected]>
Subject ICYMI: Judge Benitez orders trial in Miller v. Becerra
Date October 26, 2020 1:30 AM
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We have GREAT news regarding our case?Miller v. Becerra!

Recently, our Legal Team learned that Judge Benitez has ordered an accelerated bench trial in CGF's case.?

This means that our challenge to California's "Assault Weapons" ban could result in a judgment and a PERMANENT injunction!

What's more, a win in this case could be fast tracked to the Supreme Court, possibly resulting in a NATIONWIDE victory against gun bans.

STAND WITH CGF! <[link removed]>

This means we could be looking at the biggest gun rights victory EVER in the State of California.

But we've also got to move fast,?Evan. And we need your urgent assistance to get this done.? <[link removed]>

The gun rights trial of the decade is scheduled for Jan. 21, and we have to meet two important deadlines before then.

First, we have to file a brief as ordered by the court by Nov. 5.?Evan, that's in less than two weeks!

<[link removed]>

And then just a month later on Dec. 16, we have a conference that our Legal Team can't afford to miss.

That's why we need your support now more than we ever have before.? <[link removed]>

SUPPORT THIS 2A CASE! <[link removed]>

CGF is now looking at the chance to not just secure a Freedom Week, but STRIKE DOWN California's gun ban.

And potentially - should SCOTUS then take the case - we could even see the greatest expansion of 2A rights since the?Heller?decision.

You read that right. THIS IS OUR MOMENT!

CHIP IN $17.76 <[link removed]>

CHIP IN $25 <[link removed]>

CHIP IN $50 <[link removed]>

So please chip in $17.76, $25, $50 or whatever you can - RIGHT NOW - to help deliver a win in this case. <[link removed]>

If you do, you will automatically be entered to WIN a Kahr P380 from CGF!


California Gun Rights Foundation


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