From Finance Team, Greenfield for Iowa <[email protected]>
Subject this means we have to make more cuts at the worst possible time
Date October 24, 2020 4:55 PM
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We fell short, John.

We needed to raise $80,000 every day this weekend to get our fundraising back on track and avoid making more cuts to our budget, but yesterday, we missed our goal. This means we'll have to scale back our voter outreach even further, which couldn't come at a worse time.

Our race is a dead heat and Iowans are already voting. With Mitch McConnell and his allies spending more than $80 MILLION to defeat us, missing our goals is just not an option. We need all hands on deck right away to make up lost ground.

The fate of the Senate majority is on the line. Rush a donation right away to help us close our fundraising gap.

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The latest poll shows Theresa trailing her opponent by one point. McConnell and his allies are spending over $80 million trying to buy this seat for Joni Ernst and to keep their majority. The latest polls show their efforts are working. If we lose Iowa, we won't flip the Senate.

This is still the closest race in the entire country, but we're losing ground. We can't miss a single daily goal from here on out if we want to flip this seat and the Senate.

Theresa isn't accepting a dime of corporate PAC money, so we're relying on folks like you to get us back on track before it's too late.

Control of the Senate hinges on Iowa. Pitch in $5, or whatever you can, right away to help us keep our fundraising on track so we can flip this seat and take back the Senate.

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Team Greenfield

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