From Dustin Stockton <[email protected]>
Subject Honey Pots, Blackmail, and the Power of Leverage
Date October 23, 2020 6:06 PM
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The real game behind stories about Hunter, Ghislaine, and Rudy.

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** Honey Pots, Blackmail, and the Power of Leverage ([link removed])

** The real game behind stories about Hunter, Ghislaine, and Rudy. ([link removed])

The recent breaking stories about Hunter Biden, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Rudy Giuliani’s encounter with Borat all have one thing in common that is largely being overlooked. All three stories expose common tactics used to control people at the top of politics and business. We’ll define “leverage operations” for the rest of this post as any plot to gain embarrassing, damaging, or destructive information on someone that can be used to control, blackmail, or manipulate them.

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Beware to all who trample the rights of free people. To those who oppress the less fortunate for greed and evil awaits a punishment worse than death. It is the Tyrant’s Curse. From the mind of Dustin Stockton.

My life has really gotten really serious since I helped build the “People’s Wall” with Brian Kolfage. From the day it went viral I’ve found myself right at the center of global battles and power grabs. Frankly, the worst thing we did is expose that our government is bullshit on nearly every single issue. Our current system elects the worst of our society to become the puppets of the ruling elite and the whole foul system is rotten to its core.

The war against us is already in full gear. Nearly all media is propaganda and unelected Big Tech overlords are rapidly censoring more and more people who challenge established power in any way. I can personally attest that if you’re targeted for censorship it’s not just your ability to post they come for. They will attack your ability to bank and conduct business. The propagandists will generate a mob to get you fired. They will engage you in lawfare designed to sap your time and resources. They must destroy those who don’t obey.

If it’s happening to me, it’s probably starting to happen to you. What if banks no longer were willing to do business with you? What if whole agencies of your government were being weaponized against you? What if your business was hacked and taken offline and your verified Facebook Page was deleted without explanation and warning? What if the media spent years lying about you, your work, and your friends. Relentlessly for YEARS before ramping up the violence and censorship just weeks before the election?

Threats, harassment, and intimidation. That’s my reality. After much prayer and contemplation I know that I am obligated not to accept these illegal violations of the rights granted by God.

Things that I know have convinced me that Americans are in grave danger of losing our most basic natural rights. We must rise up and fight for our most treasured blessings or lose them forever. I assume everyone who participates in Tyrant’s Curse is more prepared than average hence the motto: “Stay prepared and be vigilant’.

Despite the gravity of our obligation, we must walk into the fire as happy warriors in the spirit of Andrew Breitbart. The plan is to have FUN while sticking it to corrupt globalist assholes.

I’ve got a lot of crazy things to share that I believe are going to change things.

Brilliant, resourceful, driven, interesting, decent, fun, passionate, and free people of all kinds will fit right in at Tyrant’s Curse.

Cowards, bullies, and whiners need not apply. 18+
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Stay prepared and be vigilant.

-Dustin Stockton

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