From Doug Jones <[email protected]>
Subject On the side of science
Date October 20, 2020 5:01 PM
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In the wake of Hurricane Delta, our Gulf Coast is recovering from a record-breaking hurricane season. It was just two months ago that two Alabamians tragically lost their lives and countless families lost their homes, belongings, and businesses to Hurricane Sally, and my thoughts and prayers remain with all affected by these disasters.

This summer, hurricanes have devastated our shores and the West Coast wildfires spread so uncontrollably that smokey skies could be seen all the way here in DC. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that man-made climate change contributes to these disasters’ frequency and force.

With the destruction we’ve seen this summer alone, ignoring the scientific reality for political gain isn’t just wrong, it’s corrupt.

And that’s exactly what my opponent is doing. Tommy Tuberville has explicitly refused to acknowledge climate change and he spread a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was an experiment conducted by climate advocates to limit carbon emissions.

The contrast between Tuberville and me here couldn’t be starker. All my life, I’ve been a proud hunter and outdoorsman, and I’ve fought every day to preserve the beauty and health of our environment. One of my proudest accomplishments is receiving the Federal Legislator of the Year award from the National Emergency Management Association for my work on natural disaster preparedness and response.

Lives and livelihoods are not only at stake here, friend. They’re being lost before our eyes. We cannot afford to have our futures in the hands of people who put politics and division before truth and safety.

In the midst of a global pandemic, a series of devastating natural disasters, and an ongoing climate crisis, we need leaders in office who stand on the side of science. I want you to know that I will always prioritize science, tell the truth, and put your interests first.


Doug Jones

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