From Cal Cunningham <[email protected]>
Subject Me vs. Thom Tillis
Date October 17, 2020 11:34 PM
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Brandt —

Here’s the truth: Since the start of this campaign, my opponent has been propped up by corporate megadonors, right-wing super PACs, and Mitch McConnell’s network spending nearly $75 million to attack me.

On our side, we’ve focused on raising money from a whole lot of people who believe a United States Senator should be fighting for the everyday folks they were elected to serve — like our health care workers, teachers, farmers, and more — not just those at the very top.

Now that we’re in the closing days of this election, there’s an outrageous amount of money flooding into North Carolina’s very competitive Senate race to keep my opponent in Washington and sink our campaign.

I don’t know what kind of impact this will have on the outcome of our race, but I’m willing to bet this team can put up a tough fight in these final days and deliver a victory to the people of North Carolina — one that will give our state the independent leadership we deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Add your first donation of $3 or more to our campaign today. My opponent can’t be allowed to win this race by cowering behind Mitch McConnell’s network of corporate megadonors and super PACs.
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There is a real contrast in this election between someone willing to show up and do the job for the people of North Carolina versus someone who is only out for themselves and their corporate buddies.

Thank you for all you’re doing.

— Cal


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