From John Walsh <[email protected]>
Subject What’s at Stake in 2020, and Colorado’s Special Role
Date September 11, 2019 2:30 PM
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I am writing to you today with a special message, and one that I do not send
lightly. Our democracy is in crisis. The current government in

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Hi John,

I am writing to you today with a special message, and one that I do not send

Our democracy is in crisis. The current government in Washington not only
works against the will of the American people on the central issues that our
nation faces, but does so in a way that runs roughshod over our highest
ideals and over the best traditions of the American experiment in

We have a President with extreme views, who has decided that his selfish path
to political success is to turn Americans against each other and to turn
Americans against other peoples and nations -- even our greatest allies -- all
around the world. Mitch McConnell and Cory Gardner have backed him at every
step, both by what they have done and what they have failed to do to defend our
country and democracy.

This is a time that calls all of us as Americans to rise to the defense of our
country, our Constitution and our democratic way of life.

We in Colorado have a special role to play in 2020. It is simply not enough to
elect a new Democratic President in 2020 -- we need to back that new President
with a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. And that means defeating Cory

I got into this race because I believed -- and believe today -- that in the
face of this crisis, I had a duty to help, and that my background as a public
servant, U.S. Attorney and lawyer who defended Americans against powerful
special interests for decades gives me unique skills and strengths to fight for
the future of our Constitution and our democracy. I have been so honored by
your support, and by the extraordinary energy of so many amazing Coloradans I
have met all over the state.

When I announced my campaign, you pitched in financially to help us build the
best operation in the race. When we called for your help, you hosted hundreds
of events, volunteered with our team and helped us travel to every corner of
this great state.

And when our former Denver mayor and Governor John Hickenlooper joined this
race, you rallied around as I decided the best course of action to accomplish
our most important goal: defeating Cory Gardner. That process has required
time, thought and the advice of many people.

So I wanted to let you know: today I am suspending my campaign and endorsing
Governor John Hickenlooper for the United States Senate.

We have many wonderful candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination,
and I’m proud to call them friends. The strength of the field is a clear
expression of the energy and determination of Colorado Democrats to win this
race. This is a democracy, and the voters will decide who receives that
nomination. I will fight hard to support whomever that nominee is.

Having said that, after talking with my family, my friends and with Governor
Hickenlooper, I have concluded that Governor Hickenlooper offers our clear and
best opportunity to defeat Cory Gardner. His long record of fighting for
Coloradans is unmatched and leaves no doubt in my mind that he will win this
campaign, and that he will make an outstanding Senator. I am proud to support
him in that crucial effort -- because winning back this Senate seat has been
and remains my entire focus.

And I promise you this: I will never stop working to defend our country, our
Constitution and our democracy. That means doing everything I can to help
Governor Hickenlooper, and also ensuring that our Democratic candidates up and
down the ballot prevail in 2020.

Failure is not an option. Nothing less than the future of our democracy is on
the line. But I know we will succeed, because people like you are ready for the
fight to come. Let’s roll up our sleeves and win.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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